There are several advantages of cooked vegetables:

Cooked vegetables have a few benefits can not be unknown

cooked vegetables have a few benefits can not be unknown 6667

1, cooked vegetables are more hygienic.

because heating can destroy the organophosphorus pesticides, remove part of oxalic acid and nitrite, kill bacteria and parasite eggs, greatly improve the safety. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli are also difficult to be washed by boiling water or hot oil. Some anti nutritional factors and vitamin destroying enzymes can also be killed in the process of heating. Safety is the only way to nourish. What about nutrition without safety?

2. Cooking can improve the utilization rate of vitamin K and carotenoids in green leaf vegetables and orange yellow vegetables.

because these two kinds of substances are fat soluble vitamins, the existence of oil promotes their absorption and utilization. In addition, heating cooking can soften the cell wall, promote the dissolution of carotenoids such as carotene and lycopene, and improve the absorption and utilization rate.

3. Cooking can improve the utilization rate of calcium and magnesium in vegetables.

green leafy vegetables are also good sources of calcium and magnesium, but oxalic acid exists in most green leafy vegetables, which is not conducive to the absorption of calcium and magnesium. In cooking, most of the oxalic acid can be removed by blanching, then stir frying or cold mixing, so as to promote the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

4. Cooking can greatly increase the consumption of vegetables.

although there is no loss of nutrients, it is difficult to increase the total consumption. According to the recommendation of Chinese Nutrition Society, 300-500 grams of vegetables should be eaten every day, and the best half is dark green vegetables. If you eat 200 grams of raw spinach, rape, mustard, green cauliflower, chrysanthemum, fennel and other dark green vegetables, you can’t eat them, let alone taste them. Can you chew pumpkin raw? Therefore, the life of eating raw vegetables, vegetable varieties will be greatly limited, and the number of consumption is difficult to reach.

5. Cooking can soften fiber and reduce volume.

is good for people with gastrointestinal weakness, indigestion, abdominal distension and diarrhea. Because raw vegetables contain more unsoftened fiber, it has a certain stimulating effect on the stomach. Therefore, people with constipation are suitable to eat more raw vegetables.

6. Cooking can also destroy the toxic and harmful ingredients in some vegetables.

vegetables, such as beans, peas and green beans, are poisonous when eaten raw. They can be safely eaten by fully destroying the blood cell agglutinin, saponins and other toxic and harmful substances through heating.

is not necessarily caused by heating nutrient loss

the reason why people think that raw vegetables are the most effective for nutrient retention is that vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B and other water-soluble vitamins, which are easily lost under high temperature, soaking and other conditions. Therefore, most people think that vegetables should not be heated.

although water soluble vitamins are easily lost in water immersion and high temperature conditions, it is also closely related to the cooking methods, the soaking time and heating time of vegetables in water. For example, when vegetables are heated, it is generally not recommended to stew, boil or steam for a long time, because these cooking methods need to stew slowly over low heat, which takes a long time. At the same time, vegetables have a long contact time with water, and nutrients are easily lost, such as & lt; Chinese cabbage & quot; This kind of dish is not a good dish from the perspective of nutrition. It almost does not contain water-soluble vitamins, but its dietary fiber in cabbage is softened. It is more suitable for people with poor intestines and stomach and the elderly with weak digestive ability.

so, if vegetables need to be heated and cooked, what should we do? In fact, it is the best way to stir fry vegetables. Of course, when cooking, you should also pay attention not to wait for the oil to smoke before putting the vegetables into the pot, and you should also pay attention to the amount of cooking oil when cooking. When the vegetables are stir fried, because the oil temperature of the vegetables is higher when they are put into the pot, the temperature of the vegetables can be directly raised higher at one time. In addition, when the vegetables are stir fried, the vegetables can be cooked in a shorter time, reducing the time of vegetables in the high temperature and water immersion environment, which helps to reduce the loss of vitamins in vegetables. At the same time, the hot fried vegetables are more crisp and delicious in taste.

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