There are several ways to eat kudzu powder

kudzu powder is a kind of natural nutrition, which has a very good tonic effect on our health, and it is a good thing for women, because it can play the effect of beauty and skin care, but also can help women achieve the purpose of breast enhancement, which is favored by women, therefore, Nowadays, more and more women begin to eat kudzu powder. What are the ways to eat kudzu powder? Next, experts will introduce to us.

according to experts, kudzu powder is a kind of natural health care product with multiple effects. It can not only repair skin, but also effectively regulate endocrine. It also has a good adjuvant treatment effect for high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar. Here’s how to eat kudzu powder. Several ways to eat Pueraria lobata powder

1. Prepare Pueraria lobata powder. Take 15g Pueraria lobata powder and put it into a bowl. Add a little sugar (or honey or milk according to personal taste). First, stir it with a small amount of cold boiled water (too much cold boiled water can lead to immature brewing), and then quickly make a paste with boiling water. It can also be put into the microwave oven and heated on the stove for 1 to 2 minutes after homogenization. In midsummer, if you put it in the refrigerator and freeze it into jelly, it will be another delicious food.

2. Use Pueraria lobata powder instead of starch to thicken, mix soup, mix meat and other places where starch is needed. It is delicious and nutritious.

3. Sobering up with Pueraria Powder: taking a small amount of pueraria powder before drinking can avoid the harm to human body caused by fasting drinking or excessive drinking; Drunk, according to the method of eating, take a small amount of pueraria powder, has the effect of sobering.

four, Pueraria Powder Qingre drink green tea, in which add licorice or sugar (licorice, taste good) boiling or brewing together. When it is slightly warm, pour the tea into a small amount of kudzu powder to melt it. (you can also melt the kudzu powder with an appropriate amount of warm water, and then pour it in with boiling hot tea.) then put it into the microwave oven for about 2 minutes, or heat it in the pot to form a thick body. It’s very fragrant. Tip: do not need to put a lot of kudzu powder when Qingre drink, make a little thinner is best, suitable for summer reference.

five, pueraria powder milk porridge, first open the pueraria, a little hydration on the line, porridge cooked almost into, and then boil for a while, add the right amount of milk, add a little salt. Like can also be put before peanuts, beans and so on( 6. Take a small amount of osmanthus honey or osmanthus. Smash a few pieces of pine nut sugar in garlic mortar and add them when making pueraria powder. Osmanthus flowers last. It’s delicious!

7: take a spoonful of this product into a bowl, first stir it with cold boiled water to make a paste, then add appropriate amount of sugar to make it even, then rinse it with boiling water above 95 degrees to make a paste, which can be used.

8: take a portion of this product and mix it with cold water to form a paste. Pour it into a little boiling oil pot several times. Stir it evenly and fry it into pancake shape. Pick it up and cut it into strips. It can be stir fried with double cooked pork. It is a rare table delicacy with endless taste.

above is the introduction made by experts on the eating method of kudzu powder. Kudzu powder has a lot of benefits for human body. It can not only help improve physical fitness, fight diseases, but also beautify and enhance breasts. It can be said that it is a very good thing, but it should be noted that kudzu powder is cool, so if there is stomach cold in itself, it is not suitable to eat kudzu powder.

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