There are six ways to keep away from fake food

methods to keep away from fake food

first prevention & quot; Gorgeous & quot;

when purchasing food, the first thing to look at is the color. If it is too bright and unnatural, try to buy less. Some illegal vendors will add artificial colors to some fruits or snacks to keep the appearance of the goods bright. Although many additives and artificial pigments are non-toxic, this synthetic pigment is better to eat less.

typical food: you eat more oranges in winter. Some oranges are very colorful. At this time, you should be careful. They may have been dyed, or some paraffin wax may have been added to the skin. When purchasing pork, if it is found that the color of pork is deep, the meat is bright and the fat is very thin, it means that it may have been used; Clenbuterol;. Normal dry pepper is dark red, this is because natural capsaicin will fade after light. If Sudan red is added, pepper will remain bright red for a long time, not easy to fade, so we should be careful to buy it.

secondary prevention & lt; White & quot;

do not choose too white food, especially some pasta. Flour naturally contains a trace of carotene, so it is normal to have a little yellow in steamed bread, rolls, bean buns and so on. Excessive whiteness may be due to the addition of whitening agent, while excessive addition of whitening agent will damage the digestive system and liver.

typical food: in addition to pasta, white Tremella should also be prevented. The normal color of Tremella fuciformis should be light yellow, and the color too white may be fumigated with sulfur; You can’t buy the white and fat pig’s hoof. It may have been soaked in liquid medicine. The yellow and thin pig’s hoof is normal.

three prevention & lt; Long & quot;

for foods with long shelf life, it is necessary to guard against excessive preservatives. Long term consumption of foods containing a lot of preservatives is harmful to health. In addition, the loss of food nutrients is often positively correlated with the extension of shelf life. The longer the shelf life is, the more nutrients are lost. For example, protein may be lost under the action of bacteria and enzymes, while vitamin C, B1, D and pantothenic acid will be lost more.

typical food: many people like to buy imported food, but the shelf life of imported food is generally long, which may affect the quality of food. It is recommended that you choose fresh, nutritious and healthy food; Local food;. Generally, the shelf life of juice soda is 3 ~ 6 months, and that of biscuit is less than 2 months.

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