There are so many advantages for women to eat potatoes!

, there are so many benefits for women to eat potatoes!

1, away from negative emotions, improve mental state.

3, expel constipation, expel toxins, help you have a good skin color.

potato is rich in dietary fiber, which has good health care effect on promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and preventing constipation. Moreover, we all know that defecation is actually the discharge of garbage generated in the body, so it is also very helpful for the discharge of toxins from the body. In addition, using potatoes to directly skin care effect is quite good.

(1). Directly slice potatoes and apply them on your face to help eliminate color spots and promote whitening, especially after sunburn.

(2), cooked potatoes pasted in the position of the pouch can reduce the problem of edema, pasted in the law lines more place can also reduce the generation of wrinkles?

(3), usually take potato juice in the place of acne can also be very good to reduce acne, especially to eliminate acne imprint.

4, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, promote health.

potato is rich in mucin, which can prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce stroke. In addition, the rich dietary fiber in potatoes can control the cholesterol in the blood, and the rich potassium ion can promote the balance of internal and external pH, and avoid the sudden rise of blood pressure, all of which have good health care effect. Therefore, eating potatoes every day is more conducive to protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and promoting general health.

5, eating potatoes can effectively reduce weight and lose weight. The fat content of potatoes is only 0.1%, which is the lowest in all hunger food. Eat potatoes every day, can reduce fat intake, can let the body gradually metabolize excess fat, eliminate your heart and stomach trouble. Potatoes have wonderful effects on the human body. Thin people eat can become fat, fat people eat can become thin. People who think they are not in good shape can get the benefits if they list potatoes as a must-eat food every day for a period of time and don’t have to go on a diet; The more greedy you are, the more beautiful you are; It’s a good effect. However, weight loss is to pay attention to potatoes as a staple food rather than cooking to eat. Just one medium size at a time.


potatoes is still very magical, thin people eat fat, fat people eat can lose weight. Potatoes are rich in nutrition, but the fat content is relatively low, even negligible, so if you want to lose weight and worry about starvation, you can eat more potatoes. If you eat potatoes as a staple food, you will find that you are less and less obese. Potato is also a kind of food with relatively high starch content, so thin people can eat potato as a dish everyday, and it has a certain fattening effect!

7, potato beauty and skin care method

fresh potato slice paste on the eyes, about 30 minutes, and then clean with warm water, which can effectively reduce the edema around the eyes, and has a very good effect on removing wrinkles and weakening dark circles; Fermented soybean milk can be used to mask face, and can relieve facial edema, skin and whitening. Or directly cut thin section applied to the face, still have the effect of whitening and reducing wrinkles; In hot summer, the skin is easy to be sunburned and tanned. Potato juice can remove facial spots without side effects; Young people’s skin oil secretion is strong, often affected by acne, acne, cotton stick with fresh potato juice smeared on the affected area can solve this problem.

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