There are so many dangers in drinking milk tea!

There are so many dangers in drinking milk tea!

drinking milk tea has so much harm!

1, affect sperm motility.

the main component of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil. This kind of vegetable oil is a kind of fatty acid, which can reduce the secretion of male hormone, affect the vitality of sperm, greatly reduce the quality of sperm, and have a great impact on the activity of sperm. Therefore, men of childbearing age should drink less!

2, increase the risk of cancer.

in order to keep fresh, most milk tea will add some preservatives when it is made, and some preservatives are harmful to our body, and may even cause cancer! For example, a preservative called Hexadienoic acid is a carcinogen. In addition, zhizhimo is a chemical substance, which contains lead, copper and other harmful substances. Long term intake can increase the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, cancer, asthma and other diseases, and children’s intelligence will be affected.

3, can aggravate hypertension.

due to the hydrogenation process, trans fatty acids may exist in the end product. Trans fatty acids can increase the viscosity and cohesion of human blood, and easily lead to thrombosis. People with high blood pressure should not drink milk tea often. For the elderly with fragile vascular wall, the harm is particularly serious. Excessive sugar may also lead to the formation of diabetes, so people with these two kinds of diseases are less likely to drink.

4, easy to lead to obesity.

the main ingredient of creamer is vegetable oil. One of them is coconut oil, which contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. Too much intake will speed up the production of cholesterol in the body. Moreover, milk tea is high in sugar, oil and calories. If you drink a lot of milk tea for more than three months, blood fat and cholesterol will rise, which will easily lead to obesity, fat accumulation in the stomach, forming a wide body shape. Obesity is inevitable!

5, causing nervousness.

drinking milk tea (coffee) can make people excited, so many people often feel sleepy and order a cup of milk tea (coffee) to refresh themselves. In fact, regular drinking can cause nervousness. Too much excitement can also cause insomnia all night. For people with anxiety disorders, caffeine can worsen the symptoms of palmar sweating, palpitations and tinnitus.

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