There are so many wonderful uses of rice washing water,

. There are so many wonderful uses of rice washing water,

meters, wash the rice washing water lightly, filter the rice washing water, and hold it in a pot. Although only a small pot of water, do not easily pour out, because water is a very precious resource! In addition to watering potted plants, rice washing water has the following magical effects!

1, rice bran in rice washing water, containing oil, can remove dirty smell and absorb oil!

2, white radish stew before cooking, to wash rice water blanching, can remove the unique smell of white radish. It’s faster, softer and more delicious than stewing.

3. Sometimes a new fresh-keeping box or some dishes with heavy taste will leave some taste in the utensils. Besides, the chopping board for cutting meat can be cleaned with rice washing water!

4. Before using the newly bought pot, boil it with rice washing water, turn the heat down for 10 minutes, cool it down slightly, then pour it out, and then wash it with detergent.

5. Use rice washing water to clean the grill and pan of the oven. Because the rice washing water will absorb grease, the subsequent cleaning is easy.

6, pan or dish after frying fish and vegetables, wipe off the oil stains with paper, then soak in rice water for a while, with a little dishwashing essence, you can easily clean it.

7. The dirty shoes are easy to wash with rice washing water. It’s good to flush the toilet.

8. Rice bran in rice washing water contains grease, which can be used to wipe wooden furniture or wooden floor to increase luster. Bathroom mirror or home glass, you can also use rice water cleaning wipe, shiny!

9, rice water can also wash your hair! Xiao Bian’s AZU will wash his hair with rice water. His hair is dark and bright.

after watching the wonderful use of rice washing water, you may as well keep rice washing water next time, use it! Water resources recycling, environmental protection and money saving!

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