There are three hazards of wearing contact lenses for a long time. Don’t wear contact lenses

many beauty loving women like to wear contact lenses, and even many girls who are not short-sighted will wear beautiful pupils with no degree to make their eyes look & lt; Bright and moving;. However, wearing contact lenses will increase the risk of eye infection, and there may be corneal deformation, blurred vision, diplopia, refractive changes (such as difficult to correct astigmatism) that affect vision. Therefore, we should be very careful. Let’s have a look at it.

Three cases do not wear contact lenses

1, menstrual period is not suitable for wearing

, this is because, women in menstrual period intraocular pressure is higher than usual, the eye around is also more likely to congestion, dysmenorrhea women is more so. At this time, wearing contact lenses will have adverse effects on the eyeball. In addition, women’s immunity decreases during menstruation, the resistance of Yanqing also decreases, and the secretion of tears decreases, which may deposit the metabolites of bacteria between cornea and contact lenses, thus causing the risk of bacterial corneal ulcer.

2, eyes can not wear

, suffering from blepharitis, wheat granuloma, eyelid inverted eyelashes, dacryocystitis, insufficient tear secretion, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, trachoma, keratitis, glaucoma, scleritis, iridocyclitis and other diseases, can not use contact lenses.

3, not everyone can wear

, before wearing, should go to the hospital for detailed ophthalmic examination. After routine examination, medical optometry, corneal curvature radius measurement and corneal fluorescein staining should also be performed.

note: contact lens soaking solution should be changed every two days. Different brands and types of care solution should not be replaced or mixed. Detergent, salt water or tap water should not be used to clean the lenses. When cleaning the lens, use clean hands to rub for more than 30 seconds to achieve the cleaning effect. Contact lenses can’t be immersed in liquid medicine for a long time. They usually need to be replaced in two days to avoid bacteria breeding. Also pay attention to the replacement of new contact lenses and storage box.

The harm of wearing contact lenses for a long time is

1, and the resistance of the eyes is decreased.

contact lenses can make the cornea unable to contact the air, and the eyes will produce oxygen deficiency similar to the human body; High altitude reaction; It is difficult to metabolize normally and the resistance is decreased.

2, lead to asthenopia, dry eye

long wearing contact lenses, easy to produce asthenopia, even lead to dry eye. It can cause itching, foreign body sensation, eye excrement, dryness, burning eyes and blurred vision.

3, causing eye allergy

contact lenses absorb protein, lipid, collagen in tears, make them deposit on the lens surface, breed bacteria, corneal edema, corneal neovascularization reaction and allergic reaction.

4, wear cornea, can not accept correction,

contact lens wear cornea, may cause serious consequences of corneal epithelial detachment or perforation. The concavity of some contact lenses is not consistent with the corneal convexity, irregular wear of the cornea, causing corneal ulcer, resulting in irreversible visual loss, even after treatment will leave white spots on the cornea.

5, causing eye paralysis

contact lenses attached to the eyeball for a long time will paralyze nerve endings, leading to corneal hypoesthesia. Many patients with ulcerative keratitis are still unaware.

Tips for wearing:

1. Cut your nails short and wash your hands thoroughly before wearing or operating lenses;

2. Operate and wear the lens on a clean and flat desktop to avoid the lens falling on the ground;

3. Carefully check the lens for damage, dirt and sediment before wearing each lens. If it is damaged, it cannot be worn. If there are stains and deposits, they must be cleaned and washed before wearing;

4. Distinguish the front and back of the lens, so that the front is upward;

5. Clean, rinse, disinfect and store lenses according to the specified procedures. When cleaning, knead both sides for 10 seconds, rinse both sides for 5 seconds, and soak for at least 4 hours;

6. After opening the bottle, cover the bottle tightly every time you use it. Do not touch the bottle mouth with your fingers. The nursing solution should be used up within the specified time. If it is not used up, it should be discarded and replaced with fresh nursing solution;

7. Try not to use a small stick or tweezers to contact the lens, so as to avoid excessive force causing damage beyond the reach of the naked eye;

8. Do not drop any eye drops when wearing contact lenses (unless it is a special eye drops for contact lenses). Otherwise, the ingredients of the eye drops will be absorbed on the lenses, which will not only make the lenses muddy and hard, but also cause damage to the eye tissues due to the high concentration of the ingredients retained in the lenses;

9. If the lens is not used for a long time, it should be strictly cleaned, washed, disinfected, soaked in the nursing solution, stored at room temperature, and replaced once a week. When it is worn again, it should be carefully cleaned, washed and disinfected;

10. After wearing the lens, rinse the lens box with fresh full-function nursing solution, and reserve it after air drying;

11. Women who need make-up should wear contact lenses before make-up, and take off contact lenses before removing make-up, so as not to make the cosmetics adhere to the lenses;

12. It is not recommended to use auxiliary tools such as tweezers and sticks, because if tweezers do not wrap the tip, it is easy to damage the lens, and the inclusions of tweezers and sticks are easy to be contaminated by bacteria and become a good culture medium for bacteria, thus polluting the lens and causing eye inflammation;

13. If the eyes have secretions, friction or conjunctival congestion, or even white spots on the cornea, never force to wear them, and go to the hospital immediately.

Precautions for cleaning contact lenses:

1. When cleaning the lenses, first drop the contact lens solution on the lens and gently rub both sides of the lens with the index finger for 10 seconds. Never touch the lens with your nails.

2. Then rinse the lens with contact lens solution according to the instructions and instructions on the solution package. After washing, put the contact lens in the cleaned lens case, and the lens must be completely soaked in the liquid medicine.

3. The service life of contact lens care solution is generally 3-6 months after opening, depending on different care solutions.

4. The mirror box should be washed every day and disinfected once a week. No longer than 3 months to replace a new mirror box.

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