There are three steps to prevent lipstick from fading and decolorizing:

as one of the necessary items for many young girls to go out, lipstick has become a very popular cosmetics. Many people will always carry them with them, and even carry many different colors at the same time, so as to deal with different occasions at any time. But with lipstick becoming more and more popular, some of its shortcomings have also become the biggest headache for girls. One of the defects that bothers many people is that it is easy to fade. So how to prevent lipstick fading? Let’s have a look with you.

There are thousands of lipsticks of different brands. Of course, different brands have different degrees of color fading. It’s just a matter of whether the color fading is serious or not. Many people think that the texture of expensive lipstick is better than that of cheap lipstick, and the problem of color fading is less. In fact, whether the lipstick is good or bad depends on the brand. Although some brands of lipstick do not fade, but it contains some harmful substances to human body, this kind of lipstick is not very good. However, some brands of lipstick are not easy to fade, nor will they add harmful substances, which is not harmful to the body.

look at composition

. Lipstick which is not decolorized usually contains volatile components. The purpose is to evaporate the moisture in the lip balm, so that the color will better adhere to the lips. But at the same time, it also takes away the moisture on the lips and produces a lot of lip marks. Most of the lipsticks are not fat free, and their moisturizing properties are much lower than those of other lipsticks. In addition, the reason why lipstick does not fade, which contains a certain color of organic pigment, has a strong staining on the lips, long-term adhesion on the lips will not only make the lips produce pigment deposition, if the material is toxic, it will also harm health.

therefore, when you buy lipstick, try not to be greedy for cheap. When you buy lipstick, you should first see if you have a product certificate, a health license number, and a production license number. Don’t buy fake and shoddy products with unknown sources on the Internet. When you buy lipstick, you also need to know the chemical composition of the lipstick label, so that you can know whether it will lead to allergies, Finally, it is necessary to look at the production date and shelf life, do not use expired lipstick.

lipstick fading is inferior lipstick?

lipstick fading many friends think it is inferior lipstick. In fact, lipstick fading does not mean bad texture. Because lipstick fading is a very normal phenomenon, almost everyone will encounter. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that lipstick itself is inferior from this aspect. Generally speaking, when eating or drinking water, lipstick on the lips is very easy to fade. This is because no matter how good the color rendering is and how long the lasting lipstick is, it only adheres to the lip surface, not penetrates into the lips. Therefore, once the lipstick is touched by food or licked by the tongue, it is very normal to fade.

how to apply lipstick without fading

step 1 Lip Care, Therefore, in order to maintain the durability of lipstick, we need to use some lip scrub related cosmetics to remove the dead skin on the lips.

. lip gloss

finish the removal of lip skin. It is recommended that you choose Lip Balm containing bee wax before makeup. This will help to fill irregular lip lines and make lips smooth.

step 2 make up

in order to improve the durability of lip makeup, we must be careful in the process of making up. At the same time, we also have some skills to share with you. Many make-up beginners often make such a mistake, they often apply lipstick indiscriminately, in any case, it’s just full. In fact, this way of makeup will not only affect the durability of makeup, but also lead to the overall makeup looks not symmetrical and natural.

it is suggested that you fill the color from the edge to the inside step by step according to the direction from the outside to the inside. This method may be difficult to control at the beginning, because it will overflow at the contour if you are not careful, but the lip makeup drawn in this way is not only full in color, but also excellent in makeup holding.

step 3 lip make-up

there are many tutorials about lip make-up, here is to share a kind of make-up setting method often used by professional makeup artists in the industry. First of all, we need to choose a clean paper towel. If it is a general draw out face paper, it is recommended to take out one layer (generally one is 2-3 layers, not too thick), At the same time, the paper towel is pasted on the lips lightly, and the make-up powder (loose powder) is evenly spread on the paper towel, so that the make-up powder can be naturally scattered on the lips through the gaps of the paper towel.

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