There are three ways to make yogurt reach the nutritional value of bird’s Nest: lose weight and breast enhancement

yogurt is a popular drink for many people. It is rich in nutrition, rich in lactic acid bacteria, and has a significant effect on promoting intestinal peristalsis, helping digestion and other aspects. If you drink it often, it can also moisten the intestines, relieve constipation, whiten and lose weight! But you know what? Some methods can make yogurt reach the nutritional value of bird’s nest. Let’s learn about these methods.

1 Yogurt + banana: Runchang Paidu

eat: with yogurt and banana instead of dinner, nutrition and health!

principle: banana is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, high nutrition, less calories, easy to produce a sense of satiety. Banana + yogurt, in the condition of low calorie, can get a strong sense of satiety, reduce food intake, so as to moisten the intestines, detoxify and lose weight.

2, yogurt + Strawberry: tonic conditioning

eating: Strawberry bubble yogurt, easy to do Oh!

principle: strawberry is rich in carotene and vitamins, and has the effect of conditioning and nourishing on gastrointestinal tract and anemia. Yogurt + Strawberry, endocrine disorders have a certain role in conditioning Oh!

3 Yogurt + Apple: Puzzle decompression

eating method: make apple salad, add some honey, delicious!

principle: apple is rich in amino acids and sugar. It has the effect of relieving mood and reducing pressure. It is called wisdom fruit. Yogurt + apple, let your mood and brain have a holiday!

4, yogurt + Cucumber: whitening light spot

eating method: cut cucumber into pieces and pour yogurt; Or squeeze cucumber juice into yogurt.

principle: cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which can whiten and remove freckles, prolong life and anti-aging effect. Cucumber and yogurt often eat together, can make your skin white and smooth Oh!

5, yogurt + Red Wine: beauty and anti-aging

how to eat: pour appropriate amount of red wine into yogurt, drink to your beauty!

principle: red wine anti-aging beauty, yogurt Runchang weight loss. Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt combined with red wine can improve the intestinal environment, beauty.

Method 1: yogurt + milk training + a portion of green papaya

150ml sugar free yogurt, with two spoons of milk training, stir and pour in green papaya juice. Ready to eat, can be frozen in the refrigerator, taste better.

method 2: yogurt + milk training

every day before meals with 150 ml of yogurt, with two spoons of milk training, stir evenly to eat.

Method 3: yogurt + milk training + chest massage

can make more qinpin, after bathing every night, apply it on the chest, massage clockwise and counterclockwise alternately. At least 15 minutes, to feel hot chest is good.

as we all know: the health function of bird’s nest is beauty, and the effect is outstanding, but if the yogurt is matched properly, the beauty effect is not inferior to bird’s nest, such as: yogurt + Cucumber, yogurt + red wine, can help you freckle, and can help you anti wrinkle, it is very worth the beauty girls to try!

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