There is much fineness in choosing jackfruit

and my mother knows jackfruit is the biggest fruit. Then we choose jackfruit to choose the bigger the better. The answer is certainly not so. Jackfruit’s selection is a great thing, not a simple sentence can be summarized, but the

is not the same. So let’s discuss how to pick out the best jackfruit in our life.

how to select jackfruit, we can start from several aspects. First, we can see the color. The color of the mature jackfruit is golden, so we have to choose golden edible. If it is green, we need to wait a few days.

step one, observe the color. In mature season, jackfruit is usually golden yellow. If you are not fully cooked, jackfruit may bring a bit of greenish green. Green is the original color of jackfruit. Wait until the mature season, the size of the basic unchanged, the color will gradually become golden. However, this is not to say that jackfruit, which is not golden, can not be bought. Green green jackfruit can also be purchased, but it needs to be mature. Buy back, put three or two days, will slowly become mature, yellow.

the second step is to observe the skin. The quality of jackfruit, the skin is intact, with a lot of sharp “small nail” or “thorn”, this is jackfruit’s outer skin special. It is normal for the skin to bring black spots. It is also a normal phenomenon of mature jackfruit. However, if there are too many small black spots, or if all of them are black, we should be careful at this time. Pay attention to see if the black area is rotten. If it is rotten, handle it carefully.

step 3, look at the size. This step does not mean the size of jackfruit. The size of jackfruit is not referenced because jackfruit is uneven in size and has no problem in size. At this time, we can see the size of the “nail” on the epidermis. Jackfruit, which is still in its growth and development period, will be “sharp” in its epidermis, because it is a trend of growth. The jackfruit’s “nail” on the epidermis will be more low-key and conservative, softer, but the end of the nail has been somewhat atrophied. This is very important.

step 4, smell. The mature jackfruit will have more concentrated fragrance, and the skin will have a little split, split, and more fragrant.

step five, try it. After peeling jackfruit, you will see that there is a piece of jackfruit in the incision besides the strong smell. Take off one of them and take out the stone inside. Then you can try it. Different people have different opinions about the taste of the sample. However, if it is found to be rotten after cutting, it should be treated with caution and stop using if necessary.

what we introduced is jackfruit. We know that fruit is a good choice. It is also a knowledge. From above, we teach us how to choose a mature and delicious jackfruit from the aspects of size, smell, appearance and color.

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