There is no way to distinguish the true and false cream. The difference between vegetable cream and animal cream is

. Nowadays, there are all kinds of cakes on the market, which are very popular with young people and children. But how to choose a healthy and high-quality birthday cake still needs some professional knowledge. Nowadays, many cakes use margarine, which leads to many consumers not knowing that there are animal cream cakes, let alone identifying the true and false. I’d like to share with you today. Hope to help you.

1 Vegetable cream is manufactured by manual processing, while animal cream is completely extracted from natural milk. So animal cream is safer to eat.

2. Vegetable cream is a man-made product, so it’s very easy to handle when it’s whipped. The success rate of whipping is very high, and the whipping effect is very good. Generally, it’s not a problem to make three 8-inch cream cakes with a box of vegetable cream; But animal cream is not so simple, a box of one liter of animal cream can make 1.5 cream cakes at most, which is much worse than vegetable cream.

3. Vegetable cream has strong stability, simple and lifelike modeling, distinct layers and water chestnut, strong hardness and heat resistance; But the stability of animal cream is weak, especially some difficult modeling is almost difficult to support, not good shape, poor heat resistance.

4. Vegetable cream is much cheaper than animal cream. For the same liter of cream, the price of animal cream can buy more than twice of vegetable cream, while the amount of vegetable cream is more than twice of animal cream.

5. Vegetable cream is synthetic, so it tastes sweet, not greasy and fresh; But animal cream is pure and milk, and it is more oily. It has no sweet taste and no taste, but it has weak taste. But actually, the animal cream itself has no taste. It is the real cream essence, the more attractive it is.

The ingredients of plant butter include: water, corn syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil (hydrogenated oil, margarine, trans fatty acids), white granulated sugar, edible flavor, and edible salt. The main components of vegetable fresh milk oil are vegetable fat (about 20%) and animal or vegetable protein with high nutritional value, while animal fresh milk oil (Natural Cream) is concentrated from milk fat extracted from fresh milk, and the main component is animal fat (accounting for more than 80%). Animal fresh cream contains high cholesterol and high calorific value. Vegetable cream is mainly composed of trans fatty acids, which will produce low-density fat after eating, which will greatly increase the risk of heart disease, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. On the contrary, animal fat is natural fat, even if it contains trans fatty acids, it is also natural, and the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is lower than that of margarine.

The food containing vegetable cream

foreign fast food and all kinds of Western pastries will cause great harm to human body. One of the most important reasons is that they all contain the same substance, called hydrogenated oil. The so-called hydrogenated oil is also called & lt; Vegetable cream& ldquo; Vegetable butter& ldquo; Zhizhimo & quot;. At present, it is widely used in bread, cheese, margarine, cake and biscuit baking. Hydrogenated oil produces a large amount of trans fatty acids, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and leads to infertility. Some scientists have compared the harm of hydrogenated oil to that of insecticide DDT, which has been used widely. Countries all over the world have restricted hydrogenated oil, and many European and American countries have begun to ban and stop hydrogenated oil. At present, the development of hydrogenated vegetable oil, the source of trans fatty acids, is in the ascendant in China.

The common processed foods containing vegetable cream are

pearl milk tea, potato chips and chips; Egg yolk pie or strawberry pie; Most biscuits; instant noodles; Puff, pancake, pastry, Mahua; Chocolate, salad dressing; Cream cake, cream bread; ice cream; Coffee partner or instant coffee.

in China, these vegetable cream foods are very popular, especially among children. Foreign fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC are all over the streets. As early as a few years ago, there was a consensus in the society to call this kind of food junk food, but children still enjoy it.

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