There must be something wrong with the liver after drinking

no matter the people who have a history of liver disease or who have never had a liver test problem, if you are always good at pushing glasses and changing glasses and never have stage fright, you will find that the amount of alcohol is obviously reduced, or you will be energetic all night long in mahjong. Your physical strength is not as good as before overnight, so you should never take it lightly, Because it could be a serious warning signal from the liver.

liver is responsible for detoxification of the human body

why does the amount of alcohol drop suddenly and faint suddenly when frequently using the brain“ This is because the liver, a chemical plant, will only perform the above duties with dedication when its functions are normal. ” Chen Tao said that as the largest digestive gland in the digestive system, the liver is an important metabolic organ of the human body. It works like a comprehensive chemical plant in an orderly manner. Every day, the food people eat is undergoing important chemical changes in the liver, where protein, cholesterol and other substances are synthesized“ The liver is equivalent to the fuel supply system of the car. If the fuel supply of the car goes wrong, the engine will not start naturally; Similarly, if there is something wrong with the liver, the human body will be listless and have no strength. ”

liver can not only transform food into energy, but also the body’s main detoxification organ. It has the function of dissolving bacteria, alcohol and other toxins. For example, some intestinal parasitic bacteria will release toxic ammonia when they decompose, but the liver will convert ammonia into urea and excrete it out of the body. The metabolism of alcohol in the body is mainly carried out in the liver. After drinking, a small part of alcohol will be excreted with breathing and sweating. Most of the remaining alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde in the liver. The symptoms of drunkenness are caused by acetaldehyde; However, if the liver function is normal, acetaldehyde will be further converted into acetic acid, which is the process of alcohol detoxification in the liver.

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