These alternative foods help you fight cancer and keep healthy

These alternative foods help you fight cancer and keep in good health; Anticancer, anticancer & quot; At the same time, you may not know that some of the foods we think are delicious actually lead to cancer; Root & quot;; On the contrary, some foods that we think are useless are actually anti-cancer; Pacesetter;, I have to say, you really ate the wrong thing.

bean curd residue

has high content of dietary fiber, calcium and other nutrients, low caloric energy and low fat. It is a new raw material for anti-cancer, defecation, lipid reduction, hypoglycemia and weight loss. It can be eaten in pancakes with egg white, flour, scallion and seasoning after being stirred evenly. It can prevent high blood viscosity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and stroke Cancer and so on are very favorable.

eggplant skin

many people like to remove the skin when eating eggplant, but it is not recommended to remove the skin when eating eggplant. Its value lies in the skin. Eggplant skin contains B vitamins, which can help the metabolism of vitamin C. Studies have found that eggplant peel has the strongest anticancer activity, and its efficacy even exceeds that of anti-cancer drug interferon.


some people eat oranges because they eat them; Strip off;, You know what? Orange contains a kind of protein called & lt; Lu Dong’s vitamins can maintain normal elasticity and density of human blood vessels, reduce the brittleness and permeability of vascular walls, prevent capillary bleeding, and help reduce hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage and diabetic retinopathy.

mature vinegar

according to Japanese experiments, anti-tumor active substances were found in vinegar brewed from Coix lacryma jobI and corn, which has anti-cancer effect. The practice in our country has proved that vinegar egg liquid can clear away heat and toxin, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It contains a variety of vitamins and can block the formation of nitrosamine. At the same time, it can promote the metabolism of the body and enhance immunity. Therefore, it has anti-cancer effect.

fish scales

nutritionists found that fish scales contain more lecithin, a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, and a variety of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, which are special health products. It can strengthen memory, delay brain cell aging, prevent hypertension and heart disease. In addition, often eating fish scales can prevent rickets in children and osteoporosis and fracture in the elderly.

cauliflower root

parsley root, celery root and radish peel are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. They can be made into pickles with salt, vinegar, soy sauce and spices. They are ideal food for lowering blood pressure, blood fat and preventing constipation, colon cancer and other diseases.

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