These bad cooking habits can cause poison!

These bad cooking habits can cause poison!

these bad cooking habits can cause poison!

when cooking at home, do you have the habit of washing the pot after each dish? If so, congratulations. That’s right. If not, it must be changed, because these cooking methods are the same as giving yourself & lt; Poison & quot;.

bad habit 1. Stir fry vegetables with leftover oil

some people often leave the fried chicken wings and fish oil to continue to stir fry vegetables. This practice is very important, because there are residual carcinogens in the repeatedly used oil. Therefore, when cooking, you should carefully measure the amount of oil you need. It’s better to use it only once. Of course, if the oil is not fried at high temperature, it can be used for 2-3 times at most.

bad habits 2. Don’t brush the pot after frying

no matter how much oil is left and how clean the pot is, you must brush the pot after frying. The seemingly clean surface of the pot will adhere to oil and food residues. When heated at high temperature again, carcinogens such as benzopyrene may be produced. And when you don’t brush the pot and then stir fry, you will find that the residual food in the pot is easy to scorch, which also has a certain cancer risk. Therefore, in order to eat more healthy dishes, or brush clean your pot!

bad habit 3: turn off the range hood immediately

many people think that since the dish is out of the pot, you should turn off the range hood. Anyway, you won’t choke yourself. However, it is this casual habit that conceals & lt; Kill & quot;. Because many dishes over heated will release toxic substances, which are harmful to the respiratory system and may induce lung cancer. In fact, the exhaust gas from the range hood also takes time. The freshly fried dishes will definitely have residual exhaust gas in the kitchen. When the range hood is turned off, the poisonous gas will not be discharged. When it enters the kitchen again, it will be inhaled into the body. Therefore, after frying, you may as well let the range hood continue to run for 3-5 minutes to ensure that the harmful gas is completely discharged.

bad habit 4: cooking when the oil is smoking

many people have a habit of cooking when the oil is hot. Is this really healthy? Experts explained that when the oil pan smokes, the temperature of the oil has reached 200 degrees. Once the food is put into the pot, it will produce carcinogens. Moreover, under such a fire, the nutrition of vegetables will be destroyed in nine cases out of ten. Therefore, experts suggest that when cooking, it is better to use hot pot and cold oil. Trans fatty acids produced by oil at high temperature are harmful to human body.

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