These cooking habits are easy to cause cancer

These cooking habits are easy to cause cancer. The remaining fried oil is still used for cooking. Many people are not willing to throw the fried oil, but also use it for high-temperature cooking or frying. But this method is very undesirable, because the oil will produce trans fatty acids and toxic oil oxidation products after high temperature heating. When the oil is used for high temperature cooking, the yield of carcinogens will increase sharply. This kind of oil should avoid high temperature heating, can be used to make stews or rolls and other pasta.

when the oil is smoking, you can take it to the pot

when the oil is smoking, and the oil temperature is often above 200 ℃. If you take the food to the pot at this time, the carcinogens will increase the risk of cancer. Under this condition, many nutrients in vegetables are also destroyed. In addition, at this temperature, not only the fat soluble vitamins in oil are destroyed, but also the essential fatty acids in human body are also destroyed by oxidation, which reduces the nutritional value of oil. When cooking, the oil temperature should be controlled between 150 ℃ and 180 ℃. The simplest way is to insert the bamboo chopsticks into the oil. When there are many small bubbles around them, it means that the temperature is hot enough to cook.

turn off the range hood immediately after cooking

a large number of harmful substances will be produced in the process of cooking, and the range hood plays a very important role in the elimination of exhaust gas. Some people like to turn off the range hood immediately after cooking. In fact, it takes time for the range hood to exhaust the exhaust gas. When the cooking is over, there are still unclean exhaust gas residues in the kitchen. After cooking, you may as well let the range hood continue to run for 3 ~ 5 minutes to ensure that the harmful gas is completely discharged. In addition, when cooking, try to close the kitchen door and open the window, which can also reduce the residue of harmful substances in the kitchen to a certain extent.

do not brush the pot after frying, then stir fry

many people in order to save trouble or see the pot is clean, often after the first dish is fried, directly stir fry the next one. However, the seemingly clean surface of the pot will adhere to oil and food residues. When heated at high temperature again, carcinogens such as benzopyrene may be produced. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should wash the pan carefully after frying a dish, so as to not only reduce the generation of harmful substances, but also prevent the seasoning and residue of the last frying from affecting the taste and appearance of the next dish.

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