These daily items are easy to become “time bombs”. Never put them in the car.

a car with meat wrapped in iron is safer than a motorcycle or electric car with meat wrapped in iron. However, if you neglect some unimportant details, you may encounter danger. We all know that children and pets can not be left in the car alone, but there are some daily items that we ignore. These items are very easy to explode in high temperature, which can cause serious injury! Follow Xiaobian to understand it!

1. Perfume

some people love to put perfume before windshield, it is actually a &ldquo. Time bomb;, In hot summer days, the temperature in the airtight car can be as high as 50-60 degrees centigrade. Generally, the safe use of perfume is around 45 C,

, and most of the perfume contains alcohol. Alcohol is inflammable and volatile. If it happens that the glass bottle is similar to the convex lens, the concentrated light will ignite the alcohol, and the explosion will be more serious. If you really want car fragrance, you’d better put solid fragrance or sachet!

, once a car owner’s car perfume exploded, a small perfume could blow a big hole in the car.

2. Mobile phones, chargers

chargers and mobile phones are in danger of explosion under high temperature. There are many inferior counterfeit products in the market. Authentic products all have hidden dangers of explosion, not to mention unqualified products!

3. Lighters

friends who like smoking must pay attention to that the main component of lighters is liquid butane, which is flammable and explosive. Don’t think it’s good to put it in a place that can’t be exposed to the sun. As long as the temperature is high enough, the gas inside is easy to expand and explode. If the interior of the car is ignited during the explosion, it may cause spontaneous combustion in the closed car.

4. Presbyopia glasses, magnifying glasses

presbyopia glasses and magnifying glasses are convex lenses, which can focus light. After a long time, the temperature of the focus is too high, which may damage the interior of the car and cause the car to ignite spontaneously.

5. Carbonated drinks, canned water

carbonated drinks are easy to expand and crack in high temperature environment. Although there is no serious danger, it may damage human body or car at the moment of cracking. In addition, high temperature can easily lead to the deterioration of canned water, resulting in the water full of harmful substances, whether it is drunk or not, do not drink after exposure, long-term drinking will increase the body toxins.

in summer, you must pay attention to sun protection when you use the car. Usually, you can park the car in the shade of a tree or use a sunshade to prevent the qualitative change of the goods in the car and affect your health!

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