These eating methods can’t keep food nutrition!

These eating methods can’t keep food nutrition!

these eating methods can not keep food nutrition!

do you know? Even if you choose nutritious food every time, if the cooking method is not reasonable, the nutrition will sneak away.

cut too finely

as the saying goes, & lt; Never tire of eating & quot;, But from a nutritional point of view, the more finely cut the dish, the better. Because the smaller the block is, the larger the surface area is, and the more likely it is to come into contact with air and hot pot, the more serious the loss of nutrients is. There will also be some nutrients lost with the vegetable juice. Moreover, some people are used to cutting vegetables in advance, but this will cause the loss of some easily oxidized vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins. Therefore, it’s best to cut and stir fry vegetables and eat them now.

vegetables are first cut and then washed

many people will cut the vegetables first and then wash them together for convenience, but if they do so, the B vitamins, vitamin C and other water-soluble vitamins and some minerals in the vegetables will dissolve into the water, causing losses. For example, many people directly soak in water after cutting shredded potatoes and eggplant, which can avoid discoloration, but a lot of nutrients are also quietly lost. Moreover, after the vegetables are cut and washed, the pesticide residues and soil on the surface can easily enter the section. Therefore, the correct way is to carefully clean the vegetables, and try to control the moisture before cutting. In addition, do not wash the rice before steaming, otherwise the B vitamins will be lost.

blanching time is long

some vegetables need to be blanched with boiling water after being cut, which can remove oxalic acid and even pesticide residues and make all ingredients mature simultaneously. But if the water in the pot is too little and the fire is too small, the blanching time will increase, resulting in the loss of many nutrients in vegetables. The way to deal with it is to put as much water as possible to shorten the cooking time. In general, vegetables can be fished out with a slight change in color. You can also add a few drops of oil to the water; Seal the cross section of the dish to prevent its oxidation loss.

peeled fruits and vegetables

many people are afraid of pesticide residues on the surface of vegetables. They usually peel vegetables before cooking, such as eggplant peel, zucchini peel, radish peel, etc. In fact, there are many kinds of nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins, chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants in the vegetable epidermis. In fact, many nutrients are lost after peeling. In order to reduce pesticide residues, it’s better to scrub fruits and vegetables under the faucet, and keep their appearance clean; Strong & quot; You can also use a small brush to wash the fruits. If you feel that they are clean, you can wash them with water for 15-20 seconds. Some pesticide residues can be removed by soaking in tap water, but do not soak for too long. It is better to soak for about 10 minutes.

salt is put too early

many people have the habit of putting more salt or early salt when cooking, which will make the juice of vegetables flow out too much, not only cause the loss of nutrients, but also make the dishes collapse and affect the taste. If the meat is salted too early, the protein will solidify too early, which is not only difficult to digest, but also can’t volatilize the fishy smell, and the taste of the soup can’t seep in. It is suggested to put salt into the dish when it is seven or eight years old, or put salt before it is out of the pot.

cooking oil first

to do three fresh, dry fried beans and other dishes, many people like to put the ingredients in the oil for a while, fished out and then fried, which will make the dishes bright and fragrant. However, this cooking method not only destroys the nutrition of the dish itself, but also loses the original rich vitamins. The oily meat is not easy to digest, and will lead to excessive intake of oil. Therefore, when you cook at home, you’d better omit this step and choose more cooking methods such as blanching, stir frying, salad and steaming.

green leafy vegetables also add vinegar

many people like to add vinegar to stir fry vegetables, but if you add too much vinegar to stir fry green vegetables, the color of the dishes will turn brown and yellow, while adding vinegar to stir fry yellow and white dishes such as shredded potatoes and lotus root slices has no response. This is because green vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll and magnesium. After adding vinegar, hydrogen in acetic acid will immediately replace magnesium in chlorophyll, which is an important nutrient; Steal & quot; be gone. Therefore, when cooking green leafy vegetables, do not put too much vinegar, it is best not to put vinegar.

cooking oil temperature is high

when many people cook, they will fry the pot first, especially like to burn the oil to smoke, and then add onion and ginger, fry the flavor, and then cook. But at that time, the oil temperature often exceeded 200 ℃, the vitamin E, phospholipids, unsaturated fatty acids in the oil were easily oxidized after high temperature, and other nutrients in vegetables were also destroyed. In addition, when cooking, if the firepower is too small and the cooking time is too long, a large number of nutrients in the ingredients, such as vitamin C, anthocyanins, chlorophyll, will flow away with the juice. Therefore, it is suggested that the cooking should be done before the oil smoke, and the heating time can be shortened by quick frying.

pickled meat random use of alkali

many people like to use baking soda, tender meat powder and other alkaline substances to pickle meat, make it more smooth and tender, but these alkaline substances will make protein denaturation, not easy to be absorbed by the human body; The saponification reaction of fat with alkali will not only lose its value, but also produce peculiar smell; Moreover, a large number of B vitamins in meat will also be lost. Usually, when curing meat, you can use salt, pepper, Shaoxing wine, egg white and starch to evenly grasp the meat, and then use appropriate oil temperature to smooth, which can keep nutrition and taste good.

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