These five kinds of fruits are better to put on

which fruits are better to put on?

1, kiwifruit

press the two ends of kiwifruit gently with your finger belly. If it no longer feels hard, slight deformation occurs at the pressing place, but it is not very soft. This is the best eating state of kiwifruit. For kiwi fruit, there is a popular saying among fruit growers; Soft in three days, rotten in seven days, half bad in half a month;. Therefore, kiwifruit with hard fruit and no mechanical damage should be selected when purchasing. But the hard kiwi fruit is not delicious. Its sugar content is very low, and the fruit is sour and astringent, which makes people feel stingy. Because the fruit contains a lot of protease, which can decompose the protein of tongue and oral mucosa, causing discomfort. Under normal temperature, kiwi fruit will soften after 3 days, reaching the best edible state. In order to speed up the ripening, kiwi fruit and mature banana can be put together, so that the ripe fruit emits & lt; Ethylene & quot; Natural ripening gas will & lt; Infection & quot; Kiwifruit, to promote its maturity. If you want to keep it longer, you can put the kiwi fruit in the refrigerator. Low temperature can delay its ripening process.

2, banana

skin color completely yellow, at the same time smell has strong fruit aroma, at this time the banana is the most delicious. But bananas are easy to turn black, so you can choose slightly raw ones when you buy them. Generally speaking, with & lt; Green Shoulder & quot; Bananas stored at room temperature can be eaten in 1-2 days. To speed up the ripening, put it with the ripe apple. If you want to keep it for a long time, you can hang it up and keep it well ventilated, which can make the ethylene dissipate with the wind and delay the banana aging.

3, Nanguo pear

. If you can feel elastic and smell wine, this is the best time to eat Nanguo pear. Nanguo pear has obvious & lt; After ripening & quot; Characteristics: it takes more than a week of natural fermentation to reach the best state. It should be noted that the plastic bag should not be tied too tightly when Nanguo pear is preserved, and the fruit should be left with & lt; Breathing mouth;, Only in this way can the quality of Nanguo Pear be maintained; Activity;. Putting Nanguo Pear in the refrigerator can slow down the respiration of the fruit and keep it fresh.

4, persimmon

& lt; Soft & quot& ldquo; Not astringent & quot; It is an important symbol of mature persimmon, but such persimmon is not conducive to harvesting, transportation and storage. Immature persimmon contains a lot of soluble tannin (tannin), tannin has a strong convergence, it can stimulate the tactile nerve endings in the mouth to produce excitement, let people produce & quot; Astringent & quot; It’s a very good feeling. If the raw persimmon is isolated from the air, it will produce acetaldehyde, acetone and other organic substances, which can change the tannin dissolved in water into the substance that is difficult to dissolve in water, so the persimmon will not taste astringent. Therefore, the raw persimmon is put in the plastic bag and tied tightly. After a few days, it can get rid of astringency and become fragrant and sweet.

5, avocado

press and pinch the surface of the avocado by hand. If you feel elastic and the flesh is firm, then the avocado is mature. The more dark brown spots on the green surface, the more mature the avocado is. However, the peel is basically covered by deep and shallow brown spots. It is recommended not to buy it, which indicates that it may be over cooked and deteriorate. If you don’t eat it on the same day, it is recommended to buy raw avocados. Such fruits will ripen naturally after 2-3 days at room temperature. The mature avocados can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.

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