These food carcinogens are higher than cigarettes!

These food carcinogens are higher than cigarettes!

these food carcinogens are higher than cigarettes!

1 and French fries

are also rich in acrylamide. The results showed that the maximum concentration of acrylamide in potato chips was 1.5 times of that in potato chips. Not home-made French fries will be at ease, whether it is home-made or restaurant chips detected acrylamide, so please pay more attention.

2 and potato chips

are worthy of our attention because they may cause cancer; Acrylamide;. The substance is said to be present in foods where raw materials contain large amounts of carbohydrates and are heated above 120 degrees. Because potato chips fully meet the above conditions, it is confirmed that potato chips are rich in acrylamide.

3 and instant coffee

also detected high concentration of acrylamide in coffee beans, roasted tea and roasted wheat tea. Because acrylamide is easily soluble in water, the coffee, fried tea, wheat tea and other beverages extracted in this test also contain acrylamide. Please pay more attention.

4, cake and pie

acrylamide with the same concentration as potato chips was detected in cake and pie made from wheat under high temperature. For those of you who care about carcinogens, there should be no problem in choosing cakes made in low temperature environment.

acrylamide can not only cause cancer, but also affect the nervous system if ingested in large quantities, inhaled or in contact with skin. The substance is found in tobacco, but no matter how to quit smoking, if you eat a lot of food rich in acrylamide, it can also be dangerous.

in addition, acrylamide is said to have been found in dry fried vegetables, stir fried vegetables, homemade baked snacks and toast. But it doesn’t seem to be in unheated fresh ingredients. In addition, the report showed that it did not appear to be found in steamed or cooked food, even if it was very trace. Therefore, people who care about this might as well make some efforts to find appropriate cooking methods, which may reduce the risk of cancer.

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