These foods are golden partners

These foods are golden partner

. These foods are golden partner

. Curry + black pepper: enhance memory.

curry (Jiang Huanggen powder) helps fight diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cognitive impairment. It is found that black pepper can increase the absorption efficiency of curcumin in curries by 20 times. Therefore, it is suggested that the two should be used together.

spinach + nuts: protect eyesight.

when eating lettuce, spinach, carrots and other cold dishes, adding avocado can make the human body to & alpha; Carotene, beta; The absorption rate of carotene and lutein increased by 8.3 times, 13.6 times and 4.3 times respectively. These three nutrients are beneficial to eye health. Avocados can also be replaced by nuts.

beef + carrot: improve immunity.

carrot is rich in carotene, which can prevent and eliminate infection. However, without the trace element zinc, carotene can not be transported to other tissues of the body, leading to its absorption and utilization by the human body. Beef is rich in zinc, with carrots, can better improve immunity.

green tea + lemon: protect heart and fight cancer.

the antioxidant catechol in green tea can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke. A study has found that adding lemon juice rich in vitamin C to green tea can increase the absorption efficiency of Catechol by 13 times. It is recommended to squeeze some lemon juice or add two slices of lemon when drinking green tea.

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