These foods are most likely to make you osteoporosis

These foods are the most likely to make you osteoporosis. These foods are the most likely to make you osteoporosis.

protecting bone health and preventing osteoporosis is a major event in life. Calcium supplement has become a lot of things that we talk about in our daily life. Eating more calcium supplement food is an important way to protect bone health, and another way is to eat less or not; Destroy & quot; Bone food. Let’s take a look at the most & lt; Destroy & quot; The list of bones. Come and see if you’ve been hit?

1, high sodium food

, such as salt and salty condiments, baking soda, if used too much, will increase the excretion of urinary calcium.

2, all kinds of sweet food and drink, especially cola drink

, love to use these foods since childhood, not only damage teeth, but also reduce bone mineral density, which has been proved by many research.

3, excessive drinking

, excessive drinking will reduce the absorption and utilization of calcium.

4, dieting

some female friends go on a diet in order to lose weight. They don’t eat anything. In this way, they not only don’t eat enough nutrients for their bones, but also reduce their digestion and absorption capacity, which is extremely harmful to their bone health for a long time.

5, high protein and low carbohydrate diet

a long-term high protein and low carbohydrate diet without a lot of vegetables will increase ketone body in blood, increase bone calcium loss, and promote osteoporosis in the long run.

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