These foods are not so “bad”

These foods are not so & lt; Bad & quot;

these foods are not so & lt; Bad & quot;

“ Back to the black pot & quot; Food: bean products

& lt; Accusation: Soybean isoflavones, which induce breast cancer

soybeans, are phytoestrogens. Many people worry that consumption of it will induce breast cancer. In fact, phytoestrogens and human estrogens are very different. Studies have found that phytoestrogens play a two-way role in regulating estrogen levels in women. That is to say, when the level of estrogen in human body is low, soy isoflavone can improve the level of estrogen, while when the level of estrogen in human body is high, it can reduce the level of estrogen in human body. Studies have shown that soy products not only do not suffer from breast cancer, but can reduce their risk. In addition, about & lt; Soybean products lead to precocious puberty; There’s no scientific basis for this.

“ Back to the black pot & quot; Food: dairy products

& lt; Accusation: The more you eat, the more calcium you are deficient. It is rumored that protein in dairy products can promote the loss of calcium, which has been denied by research. There is no clear correlation between dairy intake and bone mineral density. However, in terms of the actual situation in China, increasing calcium from dairy products is more conducive to improving bone health. Chinese should increase the intake of milk calcium.

as long as the intake of dairy products is controlled at about 250 grams per day (based on milk), while not excessively increasing the intake of protein and saturated fat, it is beneficial and harmless to improve the peak bone density of Chinese people.

“ Back to the black pot & quot; Food: egg yolk

& lt; Accusation: Raise cholesterol

many people often lose the yolk when they eat eggs, thinking that it contains a lot of cholesterol, which will affect heart health. Recently, dietary guidelines in the United States removed the limit on cholesterol intake. Because, more and more medical research results show that the complexity of blood cholesterol level is far beyond people’s imagination. The increase of cholesterol in diet has no significant effect on the cholesterol content in blood. What’s more, almost all the nutrients in eggs are in the yolk. For example, egg yolk contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, as well as choline, lutein, omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy ingredients.

“ Back to the black pot & quot; Food: soda

& lt; Accusation: Lead to osteoporosis

it is said that the high phosphorus content in Cola Soda can lead to osteoporosis. In fact, phosphorus is one of the most common elements in our life, and widely exists in all kinds of food. It not only makes our heart beat regularly, but also is necessary to maintain bone health. Compared with the same amount of beef, rice, milk and eggs, the phosphorus content in Cola Soda is not high. The phosphorus content of Cola Soda is 17 mg per 100 ml. According to the data provided by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the daily phosphorus intake of adults is 700 mg, about the total phosphorus content in 12 cans of 330 ml Cola Soda. Healthy adults, on the other hand, have a tolerance of 3500 mg of phosphorus per day, about the total amount of phosphorus in 62 cans of 330 ml Cola Soda. Therefore, under normal circumstances, for a healthy adult, on the premise of adequate calcium intake, moderate drinking cola soda will not directly lead to osteoporosis.

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