These foods are not sweet, but have high sugar content

These foods are not sweet, but the sugar content is very high

these foods are not sweet, but the sugar content is very high

strict control of sugar intake, many people think that as long as those foods taste sweet to quit. In fact, many foods that don’t taste too sweet and don’t have relevant names are also big consumers of sugar.

high sugar and high fat foods are indeed addictive, and sugar is more addictive than fat. In addition to candy, all kinds of sweets, fruits and other foods that taste very sweet, for example, the most common tomato sauce in supermarkets (different from pure tomato sauce, which is stir fried with sugar, oil and so on). In the ingredients of such products, in addition to water and tomato paste, the highest content is sugar, which is generally 15% – 25%, and the highest can be more than 30%. Lycopene in ketchup is indeed rich, but it is not recommended to eat more.

hawthorn tablets, plum and other sour snacks high sugar .

hawthorn, plum and other organic acids are rich in their own, the taste is relatively sour, adding a lot of sugar in the processing, the taste can be sour and sweet. The sugar content of some Hawthorn slices is as high as 70% – 80%; The sugar content of Prunus mume is not weak, generally ranked second in the list of ingredients, second only to Prunus mume.

instant pasta in supermarkets is also a big sugar consumer.

because of the poor taste of flour made from pure grains and beans, there is even a special flavor of grains and beans; Earthy smell;, Therefore, soybean milk powder, lotus root powder, walnut powder, etc. will often add a lot of sugar to adjust the taste. Sugar in some products even ranks first in the list of ingredients, so we must pay more attention to it when purchasing.

kiwifruit and grapefruit have higher sugar content than watermelon. Experts said that although watermelon tastes sweet, its sugar content is only 4.2%; Kiwi fruit tastes sour, but its sugar content is 10%. Apple, apricot, fig, orange, litchi and other fruits with sugar content between 9% and 13%. Persimmon, longan, banana, Myrica rubra, pomegranate and other fruits contain more than 14% sugar.

braised pork and fish flavored shredded pork are high in sugar.

many people like to use sugar to flavor their dishes, especially the cooks in restaurants like to use a lot of sugar to improve their taste. For a portion of braised spareribs, braised fish and fish flavored shredded pork, add about 25-30g sugar, and for braised meat, add 40-50g sugar. The highest is sweet and sour spareribs and sweet and sour tenderloin, with about 75g sugar added to each portion. In addition, some people like to eat processed meat products, such as dried meat and preserved meat, which also contain a lot of sugar.

invisible sugar is also found in yogurt and bread.

if you make bread or yogurt at home, you will find that about 10-20g white sugar is added to 100g white bread, not counting its starch content. Yogurt production formula is 100 grams of milk with about 10 grams of sugar.

the World Health Organization recently proposed that adults and children should reduce their daily free sugar intake to less than 5% of their total energy intake, or about 25 grams (6 teaspoons) per day. In addition to the food mentioned above, canned food, whole wheat biscuits, satay beef, pork jerky, jam, sandwich biscuits and so on are all big sugar storage companies with not very sweet taste, so we should be on guard.

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