These foods can cause migraines!

these foods can cause migraine!

1 and monosodium glutamate

it is the cooking habit of many people to put monosodium glutamate in fried vegetables and soup, but foods with more monosodium glutamate will cause migraine attack.

2, sausage, hot dog

, sausage, hot dog, ham, bacon and other cured meat, processed meat and other nitrite content is high, it is best to eat less in daily life.

3, red wine

all alcoholic beverages can cause headache, especially red wine contains more headache inducing chemicals. If migraine people really want to drink two cups, then it is best to choose vodka and baijiu.

4, sugar substitute food

; Sugar substitute food & quot; It refers to adding & lt; without sugar (such as white sugar, granulated sugar, sucrose, glucose, etc.); Sugar substitutes & quot( Such as aspartame, amino acids, aspartic acid, phenylalanine), so that the same sweet food, people reduce sugar intake. Sugar is a good choice for people with diabetes, but not for migraine sufferers. It was found that “sugar substitute” was the best; Aspartame & quot; Will over stimulate or interfere with nerve endings, increase muscle tension, leading to migraine. Low sugar cola, low sugar soda, sugar free gum and ice cream all contain aspartame. So to & lt; Sugar substitutes & quot; More sensitive people, as long as a sip of low sugar soda, will cause headache. It is suggested that migraine patients pay attention to the food content label on the product package. If it is marked with the above sugar substitute, they should avoid eating as much as possible. If they want to increase the sweetness of food or drink, it is best to use honey instead of sugar and sugar substitute.

5, contraceptive

some women will have migraine after taking contraceptive for the first time. If this is the case, women may wish to switch to other contraceptive methods.

6, coffee

caffeine in coffee can stimulate the nervous system, interfere with sleep, drink more easily addictive, and form a habit, once do not drink coffee will cause migraine. Therefore, people who have the habit of drinking coffee should take less than 100 mg of coffee in a day (about a cup of espresso).

, strong odor

strong smell, such as perfume, cigarette, paint, exhaust gas, cleaning agent and chemical detergent, printing ink, etc., will trigger migraine. So it’s better to open windows frequently for ventilation at home, and try to avoid getting close to gas stations and other places with strong pungent smell.

symptoms of migraine

common migraine before the onset of no obvious symptoms, there are also some patients before the onset of mental disorders, fatigue, yawn, loss of appetite, general discomfort and other performance, female menstruation, drinking, fasting hunger can also induce pain. The symptoms of common migraine tend to worsen slowly. The pain can be on one side or both sides, or on the whole head. The degree of pain is also lighter than that of typical migraine.

cluster migraine is characterized by approximately the same onset time. Headache often starts suddenly and lasts for 30-120 minutes. It can occur many times in a day. The clinical manifestations include orbital swelling, tears, conjunctival congestion, nasal congestion, sweating, burning sensation on the painful side of the face, etc. in typical cases, the scalp blood vessels are thickened and bent.

generally, women before and after menstruation are more likely to have migraine symptoms. Due to a series of symptoms brought by physical discomfort, they will have dizziness, blurred vision, dizziness, emotional instability, eye swelling and so on. They are also afraid of light. They often have headache symptoms, mainly in the temples and around the eyes and the front of the head. Pain usually reaches a high peak in 1-2 hours, often lasting for more than 10 hours. In some severe cases, it will last for more than 10 days.

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