These foods can effectively reduce the salt content

these foods can effectively reduce the salt content

with the acceleration of social development, people’s pace of life is faster and faster. In addition to fast food, the life of office workers is street restaurants. The taste of food is generally biased. Salt and salty are the main characteristics of these dishes. However, long-term intake of high salt food is easy to make the body take in excessive sodium, which can induce a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, at this time, we must know what food to choose when ordering can effectively reduce the salt content. The following small make up for you to introduce the relevant food.

1, celery

celery is rich in potassium, potassium is the killer of sodium, can discharge excess sodium in the body.

2, Porphyra

Porphyra contains food fiber porphyrin and magnesium, which can promote sodium excretion, prevent hypertension, and avoid eating Porphyra soup when eating out.

3, mung bean

mung bean is a kind of food containing more magnesium, 147.8 mg per 100 g. When magnesium intake is high, blood pressure is low, and when magnesium intake is low, blood pressure is high. Mung bean congee can help reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure and assist in the treatment of diabetes.

4 and milk

calcium could antagonize the pressor effect induced by high sodium. Milk is a high calcium food, you can eat 200 ml fresh pure milk every day.

5 and

are rich in magnesium, which can help reduce salt. In addition, sesame, almond, melon seeds and other nuts also have the same effect.

6 and corn

are rich in calcium and magnesium, which can excrete sodium. Use boiled corn or corn porridge as a staple food to help reduce salt. Other coarse grains such as millet, buckwheat flour, sorghum flour, oats, potatoes and so on also have similar effects.

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