These foods can’t be heated in the microwave oven

These foods can’t be heated in microwave oven

these foods can’t be heated in microwave oven


microwave oven heating for one minute will destroy the active thioallyl compounds in garlic, making it lose its due anti-cancer effect.

frozen fruit.

thawing frozen fruits in microwave oven can easily lead to the transformation of healthy glucosides and galactosides into carcinogens. The best thawing method of frozen fruit is natural thawing at room temperature.

breast milk.

many mothers squeeze their breast milk into the bottle and store it in the refrigerator. When they use it, they heat it in the microwave oven, which is easy to reduce the important nutrients. A study found that the risk of E. coli in breast milk heated by microwave is 18 times higher than that of other heating methods.

dry pepper.

capsaicin in dry pepper is volatile and unstable, which is easy to ignite when heated by microwave. In the process of microwave heating, the chemicals emitted by the dried peppers can irritate the eyes and throat.


fresh asparagus is rich in a variety of antioxidant nutrients including vitamin C. A new study has found that microwave heating can cause vitamin loss in asparagus. Because vitamin C and B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins, their stability is worse, and they are easy to be destroyed in water, heat and light.


broccoli is the most common microwave food. However, the study found that cooking broccoli in the microwave resulted in a 97% reduction in antioxidants. However, cooking broccoli in a gas stove only resulted in an 11% reduction in antioxidants.

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