These foods have the effect of nourishing stomach

These foods have the effect of nourishing stomach

these foods have the effect of nourishing stomach 6667


when it comes to nourishing stomach, porridge is absolutely the best choice, it is very easy to digest, especially Babao porridge is most suitable for people who need to nourish stomach. This is because there are a lot of peanuts, almonds, sugar and so on in Babao porridge in China, and the heat is also very high. And fresh peanuts also contain a lot of protein, fat and other substances, which can effectively protect the stomach. If you want to nourish your stomach, cabbage is absolutely indispensable. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, relieve pain, detoxify and detumescence, and clear away heat and water. In addition, there is a lot of vitamin C in cabbage, which can relieve pain and promote ulcer healing. When cabbage is simmered with coix seed, tangerine peel and honey, it can also treat epigastric distension, epigastric fullness, stomach and duodenal ulcer.


in addition to porridge has a good stomach effect, there is another food also has the same stomach effect, that is soup. But it should be noted that the soup is not the best broth, because the broth also contains a lot of acidic substances, which is not conducive to stomach. The best soup is vegetable soup, such as spinach, vermicelli, egg soup, etc. you can also add some chicken essence for seasoning, so that the stomach nourishing effect will be more obvious.


milk is very rich in nutrition, it can be said that milk is a perfect drink, and after research found that milk also has a good stomach effect. The main functions of milk are tonifying the lung and stomach, generating fluid and moistening the large intestine. It has a good effect on Yin deficiency, stomachache and constipation. Modern medical research has found that milk has a very effective therapeutic effect on peptic ulcer and habitual constipation.

although milk has a good stomach nourishing effect, experts remind that patients with diarrhea, spleen deficiency syndrome, dampness syndrome are not suitable for drinking excessive milk in daily life.


in the face of what to eat to nourish the stomach, spinach can also eat more in an appropriate amount. Traditional Chinese medicine points out that spinach has the effect of moistening dryness, nourishing liver, benefiting intestines and stomach, and relieving constipation. In daily life, eating more spinach can promote the secretion of stomach and pancreas, so as to promote digestion. And spinach is also rich in cellulose, it can help intestinal peristalsis, thus conducive to defecation.

staple food

in the question of what to eat to nourish the stomach, we should eat more staple food in an appropriate amount, and noodles are the most nutritious staple food. There are more acidic substances in rice, so people with bad stomach should eat less rice. If you cook porridge, put less soda into it, it’s good for your stomach.

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