These foods help you drive away depression

These foods help you get rid of depression.

vegetables and fruits:

vegetables and fruits are good at improving your mood. According to research, vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, plant yellow and snow substances, which can improve the chemical characteristics of the brain and keep the brain in good working condition. For example, often eat lotus seed, lotus root, red dates, longan and so on, have the effect of nourishing the heart and calming the nerves, to alleviate anxiety and depression has a certain help; All kinds of sour fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can alleviate negative emotions; Tomato, red pepper, watermelon and other red foods are rich in beta- Carotene and lycopene are natural gifts to improve anxiety; Banana, melon and pineapple contain a kind of protein that can help the human body make & lt; Happiness hormone & quot; Amino acids, help people overcome mental depression, relieve tension and so on.

whole grains:

if you are crazy about your work, your colleague hands you a piece of whole wheat bread and says to you: & lt; You’ll feel better after eating it& rdquo; You might think she’s messing around. But it is. Whole wheat bread, sweet potato, brown rice, germ rice and other seemingly humble foods are rich in carbohydrates and B vitamins, which can maintain the stability of the nervous system, increase energy metabolism, help to fight stress, and are good antidepressant foods.


when people are depressed or depressed, the first thing is to reach for chocolate. Yes, chocolate, especially dark chocolate with more cocoa, is the source of depression; Nemesis;. Chocolate contains a phenylethylamine substance, which is the love hormone produced in the brain of lovers in love. They can promote the growth of people’s good mood. Many doctors even use chocolate as a natural antidepressant for mild depression.

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