These foods help you fight anxiety

These foods help you fight anxiety

these foods help you fight anxiety

1 cashew nuts

cashew nuts are rich in zinc. 30 grams of cashew nuts can meet 11% of the recommended zinc intake per day. This mineral can help reduce anxiety and is a good helper against stress.

a study showed that patients diagnosed with irritability, inattention and other anxiety symptoms and zinc deficiency had a 31% drop in anxiety after taking zinc supplements for eight weeks.

therefore, eating cashew nuts and oysters, beef, chicken, yogurt and other foods rich in zinc can help improve anxiety. In addition, rich in nutrients, cashew also contains omega-3 fatty acids and protein, which is very suitable for office workers as a snack.

2, turkey breast

protein rich turkey meat contains a kind of L-tryptophan, which is responsible for regulating the feeling of hunger, happiness and happiness, and has the function of stabilizing mood and spirit.

an experiment used a personality test to screen out a group of people who were more argumentative, and then asked them to take L-tryptophan or placebo for 15 consecutive days. As a result, even the partners around the subjects found that those who took L-tryptophan became more docile.

that is to say, the people who need to calm down may as well take an appropriate amount of food rich in L-tryptophan. In addition to turkey meat, nuts, seeds, tofu, fish, oats, beans, eggs and other high protein foods can try.

3, milk

vitamin D helps to create a sense of happiness, so fortified milk with vitamin D is a good antidepressant drink. Besides milk, salmon, egg yolk and fortified cereal also contain vitamin D.

a 50 year study of 5966 men and women by the Institute of child health found that inadequate intake of vitamin D increased the risk of panic and depression. Getting enough vitamin D can help you cope with life stress easily.

4, yogurt

do you know? Bacteria in the human gut can also cause stress. As a matter of fact, the nervous system of the gut is closely related to brain activity, which signals and influences each other; Too much pressure & quot; After the message, it may lead to gastrointestinal inflammation and other symptoms. On the contrary, unhealthy gastrointestinal environment will also affect brain activity, leading to negative emotions. In other words, the protection of intestinal bacterial ecology can effectively combat stress.

the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) conducted a study on 36 healthy women and found that the intake of probiotics in yogurt can slow down the activities of the brain in emotion and stress, and help to ease the mood.

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