These foods help you prevent radiation

these foods help you prevent radiation

1, foods containing vitamin E and vitamin C

represent all kinds of foods, including beans, olive oil and sunflower oil; Mustard, cabbage, radish and other cruciferous vegetables; Fresh jujube, orange, kiwi and other fresh fruits. Vitamin E and vitamin C are both antioxidant vitamins. They have antioxidant activity and can reduce the peroxide reaction caused by computer radiation, just like putting a layer on our skin; Radiation protective clothing;, So as to reduce skin damage. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables have anti radiation effect. It can make the blood alkaline, dissolve the toxin precipitated in the cells, and excrete it with the urine.

2, lycopene containing foods

, representing red fruits such as tomato, watermelon and red grapefruit. Lycopene is found in many red fruits, with the highest content in tomato. Lycopene is the carotenoid with the strongest antioxidant capacity found so far. Its antioxidant capacity is 100 times higher than that of vitamin E. lycopene has a strong ability of scavenging free radicals. It has the effects of anti radiation, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improving immunity, delaying aging and so on. It is known as plant gold.

3, selenium food

, sesame, malt and Astragalus were representative food; Yeast, eggs, beer; Lobster, tuna and other seafood; Garlic, mushrooms, etc. Selenium, a trace element, has the function of antioxidation. It can prevent radiation and delay aging by blocking the body’s peroxidation reaction. Sesame, malt and Astragalus are the most selenium rich foods.

4, containing vitamin A and & beta; The carotene food

represents the food to have the fish liver oil, the animal liver; Chicken, egg yolk; Broccoli, carrot, spinach, etc. This kind of food is rich in vitamin A and beta; Carotene is a good eye protector. Natural carotene is a powerful antioxidant, which can effectively protect human cells from damage, so as to avoid cancer. Long term consumption of carrots can make human body less damaged by radiation and excessive ultraviolet radiation. At present, the natural carotene is also used in cosmetics abroad to play its role of anti radiation, protecting and moisturizing skin and anti-aging.

5 and

represented kelp and Porphyra; Animal skin, bone marrow, etc. Kelp is the killer of radioactive materials, which can reduce the damage of radioisotope and radiation to immune function and inhibit the apoptosis of immune cells. In addition, kelp is also in the human body; Detergents;, It is a kind of alkaline food, which helps to keep the body in a weak alkaline environment. Laminaria contains glia, animal skin, spinal cord collagen material has a kind of adhesion, it can adhere the radioactive substances in the body out of the body, and the elastic substances contained in animal skin also has the function of repairing damaged skin.

6, foods containing lipopolysaccharide and vitamin A,

, green tea, mung bean, etc. Modern medical research has confirmed that mung bean / green tea contains lipopolysaccharide and Pro Vitamin A, which can help excrete toxins in the body, accelerate metabolism and effectively resist various forms of pollution.

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