These foods must not be eaten on an empty stomach!

These foods must not be eaten on an empty stomach!

these foods must not be eaten on an empty stomach!


tomato contains a lot of pectin, persimmon phenol, soluble astringent and other components, easy to react with gastric acid, condensed into insoluble lumps. These lumps block the outlet of the stomach& mdash; Pylorus, so that the pressure in the stomach, causing acute gastric distension and pain.


garlic contains allicin, its spicy will stimulate the intestinal wall, make the intestinal wall vascular congestion, edema and tissue fluid secretion too much, cause acute gastritis.


fasting sugar is easy to cause proteoglycan effect, damage the absorption of various proteins, lead to atherosclerosis, affect the normal function of kidney and blood circulation. And fasting sugar can make blood sugar temporarily high, cause eye disease.


persimmon is easy to combine with gastric acid to form a hard lump which is difficult to dissolve, causing epigastric pain, vomiting, gastric distention, gastric ulcer, even gastric perforation, gastric bleeding, etc.

soybean milk:

if you drink Soybean Milk on an empty stomach and do not eat other food, soybean milk will be converted into energy. Soybean milk is rich in protein. When you drink Soybean Milk on an empty stomach, it can only replace starch as energy to be consumed, but can not be absorbed by the body as protein, which can not achieve the role of supplementary nutrition. And fasting soybean milk will increase gastrointestinal burden.


drinking honey water is easy to increase the acidity in the body. After a long time, you will get gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer due to excessive gastric acid.


banana contains magnesium. If you eat on an empty stomach, the magnesium content in the blood will rise abruptly, and the ratio of magnesium and calcium in the blood is out of balance, which has inhibitory effect on cardiovascular system and is harmful to health.


orange juice contains a lot of sugar and organic acids, fasting will stimulate the gastric mucosa, make the spleen and stomach full of stuffy, burp acid.

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