These foods should not be put in the refrigerator

. These foods should not be put in the refrigerator

. I. fruits

1. Fresh litchi

. If litchi is placed at 0 ℃ for one day, its skin will turn black and its flesh will turn sour. Tropical fruits are not suitable for refrigerators because they are afraid of low temperature. If they are refrigerated, they will be & lt; Frostbite & quot; Fruit, make its skin depression, appear dark brown spots, not only loss of nutrition, but also easy to deterioration. Unripe fruit, more can’t put into the refrigerator, otherwise it’s difficult to mature normally. The correct way is to store in a cool and ventilated place away from light.

2, banana

if stored below 12 ℃, banana will be black and rotten.

2. Vegetables

1, cucumber and green pepper

. Cucumber and green pepper will freeze if they are stored in the refrigerator for a long time; Injury & quot& mdash;& mdash; It turns black, soft and tasteless. Cucumbers also grow sticky hairs. Because the storage temperature in the refrigerator is generally about 4 ℃ to 6 ℃, the suitable storage temperature for cucumber is 10 ℃ to 12 ℃, and that for green pepper is 7 ℃ to 8 ℃, so it is not suitable for long storage.

2, tomato

after low-temperature freezing, the meat of tomato is blister like, appears soft rotten, or appears spalling phenomenon, the surface has black spots, not cooked, no taste, serious is rotten.

3, leaf vegetables

, because it is easy to rot after refrigerated. It’s better not to put it next to the refrigerator. The suitable storage temperature of cabbage, celery, onion and carrot is about 0 ℃. The suitable storage temperature for cucumber, eggplant and tomato is between 7.2 ℃ and 10 ℃. Pumpkin is suitable for storage above 10 ℃.

3. Snacks

chocolate: the chocolate put into the refrigerator is easy to appear white frost after it is taken out, which not only loses the original mellow taste, but also is conducive to the reproduction of bacteria. Experts say the best temperature to store chocolate is 5 ℃ & mdash; 18℃。 When the room temperature is too high in summer, it can be sealed with plastic bags first, and then stored in the refrigerator. When taking out, don’t open it immediately. Let it return to room temperature slowly before eating.

4, food

1, bread

in the baking process, the starch amylose in flour has been aging, which is the reason why bread has elastic and soft structure. With the extension of storage time, the amylopectin part of bread slowly associate, and make the soft bread gradually harden. This phenomenon is called & lt; Change & quot& ldquo; Aging & quot; The speed of the change is related to the temperature. At low temperature (above freezing point), the aging is faster, and the degree of hardening of bread in the refrigerator is faster.

2, ham

if the ham is stored in the refrigerator at low temperature, the moisture in the ham will freeze, the fat will precipitate, the ham will be caked or loose, the meat quality will change, and it is easy to rot.

3. Fish should not be stored for too long. The fish in refrigerator should not be stored for too long. The refrigeration temperature of household refrigerator is generally – 15 ℃, and the best refrigerator can only reach – 20 ℃. When the storage temperature of aquatic products, especially fish, is below – 30 ℃, the tissue of fish will dehydrate or other changes, such as crucian carp refrigerated for a long time, It is easy to appear rancidity, meat quality changes, not edible. Therefore, the storage time of fish in the refrigerator should not be too long.

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