These foods were liver slimming

These foods are liver slimming

. These foods are liver slimming

1 and garlic. The pungent smell of garlic is caused by allicin. Many studies have confirmed that allicin can maintain the activity of macrophages, increase the bactericidal ability and promote the proliferation of lymphocytes, avoid the accumulation of abdominal fat, and enhance the activity of detoxification enzymes in the liver. Garlic is best mashed into mud, put 10 ~ 15 minutes later to eat, this is conducive to the formation of allicin.

2, purple onion.

onion contains a variety of sulfide can inhibit platelet coagulation, help blood flow smoothly, eliminate free radicals in the body. The mercaptan, propylene sulfide and other components in onion have the function of reducing blood lipid and increasing the body’s & lt; Good & quot; Cholesterol (HDL), prevent arteriosclerosis. More importantly, these active ingredients in onion can promote fat metabolism and prevent fatty liver. Purple onion is preferred because the darker the color, the higher the sulfide content. It should be noted that sulfides are easily destroyed at high temperatures, so onions are best eaten raw.

3, lemon.

researchers found that lemon may contain an ingredient that can prevent fatty liver, which can inhibit the accumulation of fat in human liver cells. In addition, lemon can also help liver detoxification, purify liver by promoting bile generation, control bile excess, reduce harmful mucus generation in the body, and help dissolve gallstones. Lemon taste more acid, can be used to drink water.


if you eat 20 virgin fruits (about 155 grams) raw every day, you can get the vitamin C you need for one day. When you have enough vitamin C in your body, the fat you burn during exercise will increase by 30% compared with those who don’t take enough, which strongly promotes fat metabolism. The virgin fruit can be eaten raw or used to make mixed vegetables.

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