These health care treasures have been lost!

These health care treasures have been lost!

, these health care treasures have been lost! When people eat eggplant, they often cut it off and throw it away. However, in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, eggplant is also a rare medicinal material. Experts say that eggplant itself is cold food, eggplant is more cold. In traditional Chinese medicine, cold herbs have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. For example, if there is blood in the intestines, i.e. hemorrhoids, bloody stool, toothache, or sore on the body, it means that there is fire in the body, you can use eggplant to clear away heat and detoxify. If you feel inflamed, if you happen to have fresh eggplant at home, you can directly cut the eggplant butt and put it into the vegetables to eat, which can alleviate the disease. With fresh eggplant stalk and Coptis, Phellodendron or lotus seed heart decoction, brew water to drink, can treat aphthous ulcer.

peanut skin blood

there is a riddle, called & quot; Mahogany house, red tent, a white fat man in it;, The answer is the peanuts we usually eat. Peanut has high nutritional value and is known as & lt; The most cost-effective nut;. But when many people eat fried peanuts, they are used to putting that layer of & lt; Red account;, That is to say, rub off the red skin outside the peanut kernel and eat only the kernel. In fact, this way of eating is not good, you should know that the red skin has a good health care effect on the human body, or a traditional Chinese medicine. Experts say that the effect of peanuts is to reconcile the spleen and stomach, replenish blood and stop bleeding, reduce blood pressure and lipid; Tonifying blood to stop bleeding; It mainly depends on the red coat on the outside of the peanut kernel, which is called “in traditional Chinese medicine”; Peanut coat;. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, & lt; The spleen regulates the blood;, People with Qi deficiency are prone to bleeding. Peanut red clothing can nourish the spleen and stomach qi, so it can achieve the effect of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding.

peanut clothing is the patron saint of women. Especially in menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and lactation women, blood loss and consumption of nutrition, peanut clothing can help them blood, blood, should often eat, eat more. At the same time, peanut red coat has the effect of growing and black hair; Can also increase platelets, improve the number of red and white blood cells, enhance immunity.

Phoenix clothing treatment of trauma

the film on the inside of the egg shell and the outer layer of the egg white has a very nice name in traditional Chinese medicine, which is called & quot; Phoenix clothes;, The ancients studied a lot about its medical value怊 According to the compendium of Materia Medica, the ancients used to lick the blade with their tongue to see whether it was sharp or not. If they didn’t pay attention to it, they made a big cut in their tongue, and some even broke it. When a quack meets such a patient, he quickly beats an egg, takes out the membrane, covers his tongue, and then spreads beeswax on it. Three days later, the tongue grows. If you accidentally break your hand when cutting vegetables, you can peel off the Phoenix garment and stick it on the wound to play its role of astringency, hemostasis and anti-inflammatory. Modern research shows that fenghuangyi is a kind of semi permeable membrane, which can let small molecules such as water molecules pass through, while large molecules such as glucose and protein are blocked. Using it to treat trauma is to take advantage of that. Fenghuang clothing is also very useful for oral use. According to compendium of Materia Medica, Fenghuang clothing can cure chronic cough. Dry the Phoenix clothes, grind them into powder in a bowl, 1 gram per day, and drink with water; Or add it to Zhebei, Baye, Peucedanum and almond for decoction.

cauliflower root cooked together to prevent cold

the weather is changeable and cold often comes unexpectedly. Onion root, coriander root, cabbage head and fennel root are all thrown away when cooking; Waste & quot;, It’s going to come in handy. Onion root 3 & mdash; 5 g, coriander root 3 & mdash; 5 g, cabbage head 10 & mdash; 15g, ginger 3 & mdash; 5 pieces, fennel root 3 & mdash; 5 grams, fried twice with 100 ml water, is their family’s & lt; Chen’s five tiger soup;. In addition to the heat clearing effect of cabbage head, the other four herbs are all pungent and warm. The pungent and warm medicine has the effect of relieving exterior sweating, especially for the wind cold characterized by low fever, chills, headache and pain all over the body. After eating this medicine, cover the quilt and sweat all over. It will be OK in a moment. The cold in autumn and winter is mostly wind cold type, so this pair of medicine is symptomatic for most patients.

is called & lt; Five tiger soup;, It’s powerful. A patient with a fever of 38.5 degrees Celsius covered his quilt after drinking the soup. Half an hour later, his whole body was sweating. Once he took his temperature, it reached 37 degrees. Eat two or three times a day, the temperature can basically return to normal. If all the people around have caught a cold, this medicine can also prevent people from getting sick.

orange peel protects spleen and stomach. In fact, what you are throwing is a good medicine. Cut the fresh orange peel into thin strips, ventilate and dry in the shade, and it will become tangerine peel after one year. Experts say that tangerine peel can regulate qi and regulate spleen and stomach. If you eat too much meat, it’s easy to get stuck, leading to abdominal distension and indigestion. Putting some tangerine peel can solve this problem. The meat dishes with tangerine peel also have a special fragrance. How much? A plate of fried shredded beef, 3 & mdash; Five grams will do.

nowadays, many people are busy with social activities. They often have indigestion and flatulence due to eating too much fish and meat. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it & lt; The chest is full of fullness;. What should I do? Experts say tangerine peel and Fructus aurantii are a pair; Best partner;, Decocting 10 g tangerine peel and 6 g Fructus aurantii Immaturus with water can treat chest and epigastric fullness. Someone asked, since tangerine peel is orange peel, can you use fresh tangerine peel? Experts say that fresh orange peel contains a lot of volatile oil, which is not suitable for medical use. We still need to use tangerine peel processed normally.

orange kernel relieves dysmenorrhea

orange peel is treasure, orange seed, traditional Chinese medicine term is & quot; Orange seed;, It is also of great medicinal value. Experts say that the orange nuclear power treatment hernia, but also the treatment of female dysmenorrhea. Many young girls have cold and painful stomachs when they have menstruation, which means that they have cold abdomen and sore mouth; The upper fire and the lower cold;. Experts say that orange kernels can be used at this time. Orange seed has the function of regulating qi, warming stomach and relieving pain, which can not only dispel cold, but also relieve pain. It is suggested to make tea with orange kernel, generally 3 & mdash; 5 g; If the pain is severe, you can use 10 grams.

walnut distractor wood Bushen

once a woman with urinary incontinence went to see an expert. Western medicine diagnosed that she was suffering from & lt; Overactive bladder;, When abdominal pressure increases, such as exercise or laughter, a small amount of urine is left. In traditional Chinese medicine, the root of urinary incontinence is kidney deficiency. How does the patient that make water incontinence tonify kidney? Experts say that one drug must be used: distraction wood. Distraction wood is the space between two walnut kernels, also called walnut block. It has a good effect in tonifying kidney qi and strengthening kidney.

experts said that in addition to the treatment of urinary incontinence, the elderly can also drink distracted wood bubble water for health care, because the elderly have more or less kidney deficiency. Some male spermatorrhea, also can use distractor wood. It’s very mild and has the effect of convergence.

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