These herbal teas detoxify and beautify

These herbal tea detoxification and beauty

these herbal tea detoxification and beauty

there are many kinds of herbal tea, each kind of herbal tea has different effect, in terms of detoxification, we recommend:

juniper: has the effect of strengthening stomach and diuresis, preventing cystitis, urethritis, reducing joint pain. Violet: can relieve alcohol intoxication, benefit liver, eliminate eye fatigue, maintain upper respiratory tract, and has the effect of treating cold.

lemon grass: can help digestion, diuresis, moisturize skin and prevent anemia. For oily skin, add water to clean skin and promote blood circulation.

Verbena: can strengthen the metabolism function of liver, relax nerves, help digestion and improve abdominal Qi. It can purify intestines and stomach, reduce body weight, and reduce excess fat.

Hibiscus: colorful tropical flowers, rich in vitamin C, after boiling with hot water will appear as brilliant color as gems. Mild, slightly acidic, diuretic, edema treatment function.

Bodhi: has the effect of diuresis, headache and anxiety, helping digestion and eliminating edema. Can eliminate toxins in the body, there is a slimming effect.

luoshenhua: can eliminate fatigue and constipation, diuretic and promote metabolism.

Rose: the most beautiful beauty tea, can be combined with a variety of flower tea and fruit tea to increase the taste and efficacy.

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