These life tips are amazing!

These life tips are amazing!

these life tips are amazing!

1, straw easy to remove jujube stone

take a thicker straw, put the jujube into water to soak soft, use the straw to aim at the stem of jujube, and then stab it hard, then the jujube stone can be easily removed.

2. It’s not bitter to drink medicine like this. It’s good to drink bitter medicine, especially traditional Chinese medicine. It’s usually bitter to cry for father and mother. At this time, just put the straw on the base of the tongue, then inhale the Chinese medicine, and swallow it directly.

3, baby bottles make measuring cup

baby bottles are usually of good quality, strong hardness, heat resistance and brush resistance. It’s a pity to throw it away. Just turn it into a measuring cup. Anyway, there are scales on it. Make one by yourself. It’s special and personalized. From the top of the bottle to narrow the place with scissors neatly cut off it.

4, tin foil helps quick freezing

. If you want to freeze food quickly, use tin foil. After washing and draining the food that needs to be frozen, wrap it with tin foil and put it in the refrigerator. Tin foil can also make the degree of freezing uniform.

5, antiskid with plastic film

in summer, the bamboo mat on the chair is easy to slide to other positions, spread plastic film on the bottom, antiskid immediately! The footmats in the kitchen will slide when they touch the water. They can also be covered with plastic wrap.

6, skillfully using tea

in addition to tea, tea can also remove the bad smell of the mouth, such as after eating garlic fire onion dishes, the mouth contains a few pieces of tea, chewing for a while and then spit out, and then rinse with water, the smell will be easily removed. It can also be used to wash dishes, especially cooking utensils after cooking stinky food.

7, the unique smell and chemical composition of toothpaste can make all kinds of insects and ants avoid. Find out where they like to come and go, such as the windowsill and the cabinet. First wash the edge with hot water, and then squeeze out an appropriate amount of toothpaste and apply it evenly on it. After being dried, there will be no more traces of insects and ants.

8, ingenious use of orange peel

. Unexpectedly, orange peel is a good oil remover. Those greasy and dirty dishes can be washed best. Knead the orange peel into a ball, wipe hard, you can also try to wipe the sink, the same Bang Bang Da! Especially on stainless steel, it can restore its bright luster.

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