These night snacks do not gain weight

The nutrition of these night snacks is not fat

. The nutrition of these night snacks is not fat

. Pumpkin seed

. Pumpkin seed is a good night snack. Don’t worry about getting angry after eating. It also helps to relax and relieve stress. According to a study in India, a handful of pumpkin seeds can meet 50% of the daily magnesium requirement of the human body. In addition to magnesium, pumpkin seeds also contain a variety of minerals, is a very healthy snack at night.


eat cheese when you are hungry in the evening. First, it is convenient, no need to wash and cook; Second, the sense of satiety is very strong, this kind of milk fat dairy products, after entering the human body digestion is relatively slow. When working overtime at night, eat a few pieces as snacks, which not only can endure hunger, but also can help sleep.


blueberry is rich in a variety of antioxidants. Research shows that the nutrients of blueberry can help improve brain function and heart health. In addition, the biggest effect of blueberry is to reduce fat. If you are worried about getting fat after supper, you can have some blueberries, which can eliminate the adverse effects of high-fat diet. This is mainly because blueberries contain polyphenols, especially anthocyanins.

dark chocolate

for people who lose weight, chocolate is regarded as a prohibited food. However, not all chocolates are the same. There are great nutritional differences in packaging, varieties and ingredients of chocolates. Dark chocolate, for example, contains less sugar, unlike traditional chocolate. At the same time, dark chocolate has been proved to reduce blood pressure and improve insulin sensitivity. It can not only fight various kinds of inflammation, but also has antioxidants that can help delay aging and improve mood.

homemade fruit ice cream

eating ice cream late at night sounds like a fantasy. However, foreign studies suggest that ice cream can be used as a late night & lt; Treatment;. The ice cream here is not traditional ice cream, but made of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries. Mashed bananas and strawberries had less vitamin C loss, no sugar and low calorie. If you are hungry at night, you can eat at any time.

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