These “nutritious foods” are really not good!

These & lt; Nutritious food; It’s not so good!

; Nutritious food; It’s not so good!

no one is resistant to delicious food, but have you ever thought about health while eating delicious food. Of course, if you can eat delicious and healthy food, it is the best. If not, at least don’t eat fake nutritious food, which is neither delicious nor healthy.

green tea drink

Asians generally like to drink green tea, and even turn it into an art. Green tea contains antioxidants and other healthy ingredients, which can prevent cancer, heart disease, aging and other aging related diseases. However, most Americans don’t like the taste, so manufacturers add sugar and other additives to make green tea drinks and sell them everywhere under the guise of health drinks. In fact, & lt; Green tea & quot; Any ingredients on the bottle, such as saccharin, preservatives, etc., make it far away from us in terms of health.

yellow brown potato

yellow brown potato produced in Iowa is cheaper and easier to grow than common potato. However, after eating potatoes, the starch contained in them will soon turn into blood sugar, which increases the risk of diabetes and obesity. Because its taste is not very good, so many people have to take measures to make them taste more delicious: they are cooked, then mashed, stuffed with butter, or peeled and fried, then sprinkled with a layer of salt on the surface. The food made in this way is even more unhealthy.

filling soup

soup is very healthy, cheap and easy to make. However, canned soups are made of salt, fat, artificial additives, preservatives, and perhaps dehydrated carrots, which have very low nutritional value; Mixture & quot;. A can of soup contains 1000 milligrams of sodium, about half of what you need every day. Therefore, it’s better to prepare your own chicken, beef bones and vegetables, and make a bowl of hot and fragrant soup yourself.

fish fillets

the general fried fish fillets are made of COD, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (DHA, etc.) that are beneficial to health, and all kinds of fish sticks and fish fillets products also take advantage of the situation to make their own brand; Nutrition & quot; The label of. However, please note that there are often ten or twenty ingredients listed on the package / bag of cod fillets, and the cumbersome processing has made it less healthy & mdash& mdash; A lot of salt, monosodium glutamate and saturated fat from frying. Therefore, if you buy processed fish products, their harm to human health may have exceeded their benefits.

yogurt products

yogurt is fermented from fresh milk, which is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. Yogurt can be a good choice for those who cannot enjoy milk due to lactose intolerance. However, yogurt sold in major supermarkets in the United States has been made into yogurt full of sugar and various processed fruits; Desserts & quot;, And businesses are taking advantage of these & lt; Packaging & quot; Disguise it as healthy food. Therefore, it is best to choose ordinary fat free yogurt when buying, and add some fruits when necessary.

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