These parts of the chicken can’t be eaten!

these parts of chicken can’t be eaten!

1 and

had little meat, but blood vessels and lymph glands were relatively concentrated. It’s no problem to eat occasionally. It’s best to remove the skin when eating, because some detoxification glands such as lymph nodes are concentrated in the subcutaneous fat of the neck. These glands contain toxins in the animal body and hormones in the feed.

it’s best to eat less of the lymph glands in the neck of chicken. If you really want to eat, remove the lymph glands and skin before eating. How to distinguish the lymph glands? In fact, it’s very easy to distinguish between small particles and pimples under the goose skin. It’s OK to eat it after it’s removed.

2, chicken head

chicken head can’t be eaten. It’s less heard, but in fact there is a folk saying: chicken head is better than arsenic in ten years. The older the chicken is, the more toxic the chicken head is, mainly because the chicken will eat some harmful heavy metals in pecking. These heavy metals are mainly stored in the brain tissue. The older the chicken is, the more they are stored and the more toxic they are. When the consumers enjoy the delicious chicken head, they also take in heavy metal poisons. If they eat too much, it may cause toxic reaction. Therefore, chicken head should not be eaten more. Duck’s head, goose’s head and so on should not eat more, the reason is similar.

3, chicken skin

, the vast majority of fat stored in chicken skin. The high calorie of fat will affect human health, and its fatty acid composition is not suitable for human body. In addition, there are some lymphoid tissues in chicken skin, which are not suitable for eating. In addition, chicken skin is also easy to accumulate a large number of parasites, if not handled clean, it is easy to cause harm to the body. Especially for roast chicken, after baking, cholesterol in chicken skin is oxidized to form cholesterol oxidation products, causing great harm to human body. If the temperature is not controlled properly, carcinogens may also be produced. Therefore, it’s better to remove the skin when eating chicken, not to use it for cooking.

skin chicken before cooking? In fact, there is a thin film between the skin and the chicken, which not only keeps the meat moist, but also prevents the fat from overflowing. Therefore, if necessary, the chicken should be peeled after cooking, which can not only reduce fat intake, but also ensure the delicious taste of chicken. For patients with hyperlipidemia, we must eat less chicken skin. Patients with hyperlipidemia are generally more likely to suffer from hypertension. For hyperlipidemia, chicken skin contains more subcutaneous fat and sebum. Patients with hyperlipidemia should eat less. They usually pay attention not to take chicken skin when eating chicken, so as to reduce the occurrence of hypertension complications.

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