These people can’t eat garlic raw

These people can’t eat raw garlic

. These people can’t eat raw garlic

. As a common vegetable and seasoning, garlic is suitable for most people’s daily consumption, especially for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, cancer, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. But if you have eye disease, or cancer, or liver disease, or diarrhea, you can’t help eating raw garlic.

1. People with weakness and fever

the ancients believed that eating more garlic would consume people’s Qi and blood; Garlic is pungent and toxic, producing phlegm, dispersing Qi and consuming blood. People who are weak and hot should not touch their lips;. So people with poor health and weak Qi and blood should pay attention to it.

2. Patients with eye diseases

the ancients said: & lt; Garlic can cure all kinds of diseases with one eye;. Long term, eat a lot of garlic, is harmful to the eyes. Meat is pungent and harmful to the eyes, garlic is the most pungent, and it can clear the orifices and open the eyes, which is easy to cause eye damage. So eat garlic to pay attention not to too much, especially people with eye disease, in the treatment must avoid spicy food.

3. Liver disease patients

many people use garlic to prevent hepatitis, and even some people still eat garlic every day after suffering from hepatitis. It’s all wrong《 Garlic is recorded in compendium of Materia Medica; Eating for a long time damages the liver and eyes;, Garlic is hot and can help fire; It has pungent taste and strong stimulation. If the liver has internal fire, if you eat it, the liver fire will be more vigorous. After a long time, of course, it will cause damage.

4. Seriously ill people should be careful to eat

garlic hair. The so-called hair refers to foods that are especially easy to induce certain diseases or aggravate the developed diseases. Eating spicy food such as garlic and pepper is likely to cause obvious side effects for people who are suffering from severe illness or taking medicine. It may not only cause old diseases, but also make drugs ineffective, or have a chain reaction with drugs, affecting their health.

five, spleen deficiency diarrhea patients

raw garlic irritation is very strong, usually eat less can promote digestion, but if suffering from non bacterial enteritis, diarrhea when eating garlic, strong stimulation will make intestinal mucosal congestion, edema aggravation, promote exudation, make the disease worse.

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