These people do not want to eat dates!

These people do not want to eat dates!

, these people do not want to eat dates!

1, people with dry and hot constitution

aggravate fever jujube sex temperature, if people with dry and hot constitution eat jujube, it will aggravate fever. Menstrual hot constitution of women are not suitable for eating dates, may cause blood flow, injury.

2. Women with edema in menstrual period

can aggravate edema. Some women often have edema in their eyes and feet in different degrees during menstrual period& mdash; This is the reason for the heavy moisture in the body. Jujube is a sweet food, eat more will produce phlegm and moisture, moisture accumulation in the body will make swelling worse. This kind of women should not eat dates.

3, wind heat cold

easy diarrhea, injury spleen exogenous wind heat and the formation of cold, fever, abdominal distension, eat fresh jujube easy diarrhea, injury spleen, this group of people should not eat jujube.

four, diabetes

aggravates disease, brown sugar has a lot of sugar, and is not suitable for diabetics. Five, stomach disease patients

jujube skin hard, difficult to digest and absorb. Gastric mucosa is most afraid of hard things damage, stomach bad people eat jujube to skin. Jujube can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, therefore, people with more gastric acid and easy acid regurgitation had better not eat jujube. 6. Habitual constipation

jujube skin fiber content is very high, not easy to digest, gastrointestinal tract is not good, abdominal distension, habitual constipation must not eat more.

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