These people eat peanuts will affect health Oh!

These people eat peanuts will affect health Oh!

these people eat peanuts will affect health Oh!

peanuts are rich in nutrition, which is a favorite dish and snack for many people, but not everyone can eat peanuts. The following categories of people who eat peanuts may affect their health:

1, patients with hyperlipoprotein sepsis

, most of the causes of hyperlipoprotein sepsis are due to unreasonable diet results. Peanut high fat content, high calorie, eat more may aggravate the disease, leading to coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, serious and even life-threatening.

2, people allergic to peanuts

, people allergic to peanuts, if they eat peanuts, will have allergic reactions, serious cases may even cause dyspnea.

3, patients with gout

high fat diet for uric acid excretion will have a certain impact, leading to the aggravation of the disease, therefore, patients with gout should not eat for the sake of onset, and it is best to eat moderately after the remission of gout.

4, cholecystectomy

high protein and high fat food for gallbladder stimulation is the most serious, once the gallbladder is removed, bile can not be stored, peanut and other oil crops in fat digestion will play a certain impact.

5 and

are recommended to eat less peanuts. This is because peanuts contain a procoagulant factor. Eating peanuts with blood stasis can easily lead to blood stasis and aggravate swelling and pain symptoms.

6, patients with gastric ulcer

peanut belongs to nut food, it is difficult to digest and absorb, so patients with gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis should also be careful to eat.

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