These people must not eat bacon!

These people must not eat bacon!

these people must not eat bacon!

1, baby

bacon contains a lot of sodium, absorb too much sodium will increase the burden of the kidney, because the child’s renal function is not fully developed, so eat less bacon.

2, pregnant women

, because preservatives will be added in the process of curing bacon, it is easy to affect the fetus, and bacon contains a lot of fat and salt, eating too much bacon is easy to cause edema, therefore, pregnant women should not eat more bacon.

3, hypertension heart disease patients

bacon salt content is high, too much eating bacon is easy to cause blood pressure rise, increase the occurrence of vascular disease. And bacon contains a lot of saturated fat, is a high cholesterol food, excessive intake will cause vascular obstruction, so still want to eat less bacon.

4, patients with gastrointestinal diseases

bacon belongs to refined food, not easy to be digested, and the weather is bad, bacon easily moldy, not washed cooking, easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, if the stomach is not good, the impact is greater, therefore, the stomach is not good people do not eat more Bacon.

5, kidney disease patients

, kidney disease patients should not eat too salty, because excessive sodium accumulation in the body, will lead to edema, so also eat less bacon.

6 and

are high calorie and high-fat foods, so they are not suitable for obese people. Bacon is high in salt, contains a lot of fat, and does not contain a variety of vitamins, often eating is not conducive to health, so you should pay more attention to it before eating.

7, patients with hemorrhoids

if patients with hemorrhoids eat too much bacon, intake too much salt, easy to increase venous blood pressure, aggravate the pain of hemorrhoids.

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