These people should be less jealous!

These people should be less jealous!

these people should be less jealous!

people with diabetes should not drink health-care vinegar or fruit vinegar with high sugar content.

people who are allergic to vinegar

some people are allergic to vinegar, because vinegar can lead to body allergy and develop rash, itching, edema, asthma and other symptoms, which may induce serious diseases.

patients with hypotension

patients with hypotension will lead to lower blood pressure, headache, dizziness, weakness and other adverse reactions. Conversely, for people with high blood pressure, you can eat vinegar appropriately, because it has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

people with gastric ulcer or excessive gastric acid

people with excessive gastric acid or gastric ulcer, be careful that drinking vinegar directly will stimulate the stomach. Because vinegar can not only corrode gastrointestinal mucosa and aggravate the development of ulcer disease, but also has rich organic acids, which can make digestive organs secrete a lot of digestive juice, so as to increase the digestive function of gastric acid and make gastric acid increase and ulcer aggravate.

people with fracture and osteoporosis

because vinegar can soften bones and decalcify, destroy the dynamic balance of calcium in the human body, it will promote and aggravate osteoporosis, make the injured limbs soft and sore, and fracture can not heal. Therefore, it is suggested that these people should avoid being jealous during fracture treatment and rehabilitation.

people taking medicine

people taking medicine should also be cautious of vinegar treatment, so as not to affect the efficacy. Because vinegar itself contains a lot of acetic acid, it can change the pH of the local environment in the human body, so that some drugs can not play a role. For people who often take western medicine, it is recommended not to eat vinegar, especially when taking medicine.

sulfonamides are easy to form crystals in the kidney and damage the renal tubules in acidic environment, so it is not suitable to be jealous when taking such drugs. When taking basic drugs such as sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide and Weishu, it is not suitable to be jealous, because acetic acid can neutralize basic drugs and make them ineffective. When using gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, erythromycin and other antibiotics, it is not appropriate to be jealous, because the effect of these antibiotics in acidic environment will be reduced, affecting the efficacy. Service & lt; Perspiration by relieving the exterior; Chinese medicine should not be jealous. Because vinegar has astringency, traditional Chinese medicine believes that acid can astringency. When combined with compound Yinqiao tablet and other traditional Chinese medicine, vinegar can promote the contraction of human sweat pores, and also destroy the alkaloids and other effective components in traditional Chinese medicine, thus interfering with the effect of traditional Chinese medicine.

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