These purple skin vegetables help you fight aging

These purple skin vegetables help you anti-aging

these purple skin vegetables help you anti-aging

purple cabbage keeps your eyes away from fatigue

the purple pigment in purple cabbage is anthocyanin, which can prevent eye fatigue and is also recognized as having anti allergic effect. People who are allergic to the body can eat more purple cabbage, which is good for the body.

how to eat: the color is very bright, cut into filaments to make salad with purple cabbage, which is beautiful and delicious.

purple potato keeps skin moist and bright

purple potato is rich in carotene beta Vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. In particular, it contains strong antioxidant anthocyanins, can prevent wrinkles, prevent eye fatigue!

how to eat: scorch the skin of purple potato and dip it in honey. The sweet purple potato is very delicious.

eggplant to remove toxins

eggplant is about 94% water, but it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Eggplant is rich in plant fiber, which can improve constipation and prevent obesity. Potassium is also rich, which can prevent body swelling and skin aging.

how to eat: cook eggplant, pumpkin and red pepper in vinegar before eating. Or steamed with a little seasoning, it’s also delicious.

chicory keeps skin young and smooth.

contains anthocyanins and has strong anti-aging effect. Potassium content is also very rich, can put the body’s excess salt out of the body, heating will make chicory bitter enhancement, at the same time anthocyanins will also be lost, all raw eat more healthy.

how to eat: it’s very refreshing to eat with raw ham! Put Chicory on the top of the pizza, as a pizza salad to eat, very delicious, but also more nutritious.

perilla keeps your body young and slim all the time A variety of vitamins and iron with the body has been young! Perillaldehyde not only can promote digestion and clear intestines, but also has strong bactericidal and antiseptic effects. Eating with raw food can prevent food poisoning.

how to eat: make perilla vinegar with crystal sugar and vinegar. Drink with water to prevent aging.

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