These three kinds of black food can replenish blood

most Eating these three kinds of black food is the best way to replenish blood

eating these three kinds of black food is the best way to replenish blood

black chicken

when it comes to black chicken, people will think of black skin, black meat and black bone. When people see that it is all black from the inside out, they feel no appetite, so they refuse it for thousands of miles. If so, it’s your loss《 According to the compendium of Materia Medica, Wuji has a great tonic effect, which can tonify all kinds of fatigue and damage, and can treat diabetes. In addition, it is also beneficial to the puerpera, especially for the treatment of women with metrorrhagia and other stubborn blood glass. In addition, it has good curative effect on osteoporosis in the elderly, prevention of rickets, iron deficiency anemia and other diseases in children.

Auricularia auricula

often eat Auricularia auricula to lower three heights, strengthen the body, fight cancer and clear the intestines. Auricularia auricula contains more iron, which is a good food choice for patients with iron deficiency anemia. Auricularia auricula is not only good for beauty, whitening and blood enriching, but also good for heart. It can reduce blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, prevent atherosclerosis, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

in addition, it contains some polysaccharides, which can prevent gene mutation and has the health care function of anti-cancer. It can not only improve immunity, but also inhibit bacteria and inflammation. It also contains some glia, which can take out some toxins of human body and play the role of detoxification, moistening intestines and defecating.

black rice

black rice can replenish blood, also known as confinement rice, blood rice, especially suitable for pregnant women. Black rice has a faint medicinal taste, so it is also called medicinal rice. In the south, when the black rice is mature, it is necessary to make black rice porridge, add rock sugar and red dates to taste. It tastes soft, fragrant, waxy and sweet, and nourishes Qi and blood. The nutrition of black rice porridge is easy to absorb. It’s also suitable for the elderly.

in addition, I always feel short of breath and fatigue, and I feel sleepy as soon as I go to work. I suggest eating a bowl of black rice porridge every day to replenish qi and nourish blood. People with liver cirrhosis and esophageal varices must be boiled thoroughly to avoid bleeding caused by scratch of black rice shell.

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