These tips clean your house of toxins

These tips to clean your house’s toxins:

these tips to clean your house’s toxins:

kitchen utensils:

kitchen knives, chopping boards and dishcloths: it’s very easy to hide dirt and use only detergent to clean. It’s not safe to use them. You can’t use the self-made ones; Vinegar and salt water can be cleaned safely. First, add two tbsp of white vinegar into six tbsp of cold boiled water, and then add one tbsp of salt. Spread paper towel on the cleaned chopping board, and then sprinkle with the vinegar and salt water just made, so as to achieve the sterilization effect; Knives and peelers can also be cleaned after soaking in vinegar brine for one hour to sterilize regularly. The soaked vinegar brine can also be used to soak dishcloth to sterilize dishcloth.

vegetable and fruit cleaning

pesticides are widely used in Taiwan. They are not only toxic, but also accumulate in the body. If you want to eliminate pesticides, you can do it with tap water. The professor said that most tap water contains about 0.5ppm of residual chlorine, which can not only kill bacteria, but also has strong oxidation capacity. It is suggested that the root and stem parts of fruits and vegetables should be removed first, and then the sediment should be washed away, and then the pesticides should be soaked in tap water for 10 to 15 minutes. The residual chlorine in the water will oxidize the pesticides. Before cooking, the food is rinsed with drinking water, because the oxidized pesticides are & lt; Soluble in water; The quality of vegetables and fruits can be eliminated by soaking in water and changing the water for several times. Those who are not at ease can also buy sodium hypochlorite (potassium) from the chemical industry. The residual pesticides can be removed by diluting every five liters and one gram. In addition, food grade chlorine dioxide is also suitable for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

bathroom cleaning

bathroom tile gap mildew also let housewives headache it! If you want to prevent mildew in these places, you must use a brush to thoroughly clean the dirt in the gaps of bathrooms and toilets. After cleaning, use a small brush (such as barbecue brush and small paint brush) to dip in twice diluted white vinegar to smear the gaps of tiles to prevent mildew; In large area, white vinegar can be applied with wet paper towel to prevent the loss of white vinegar. The components of white vinegar are acetic acid and organic acid. The components of acetic acid can kill bacteria and remove peculiar smell. It is often used as a natural cleaner for disinfection and sterilization.

clothing cleaning

light color clothing cleaning let you headache? Do you feel uneasy about using the bleach on the market? In fact, baking soda can clean light colored clothes. First, in the washbasin with warm water and lotion, add a teaspoon of baking soda powder. After baking soda powder dissolves, soak the clothes. After soaking for about 20 minutes, apply baking soda paste on the sleeves or neckline and other places with serious stains, and then brush them. Then wash them with the general laundry procedure. The ingredient of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which is weakly alkaline. In addition to being used to neutralize acid oil in the kitchen, it can also remove annoying dirt by grinding because of its fine powder structure.

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