These vegetables must be cooked before eating!

These vegetables must be cooked before eating!

these vegetables must be cooked before eating!


harmful substances: linseed bitter glycoside

pathogenic cause: Although cassava tuber root is rich in starch, but its whole plant parts, including root, stem and leaf contain toxic substances, and fresh tuber root is more toxic. Therefore, we must pay attention to when eating cassava root tubers.

the toxic substance contained in cassava is linolenic Picroside. If you take raw or uncooked cassava or drink its soup, it may cause poisoning. The reason is that the free hydrocyanic acid is produced by the hydrolysis of linseed Picroside or linseed picrosidase by gastric acid, which makes the human body poisoned. If a person eats 150-300 grams of raw cassava, it can cause poisoning or even death.

detoxification method: to prevent cassava poisoning, peel the cassava before eating and soak the meat with water to dissolve cyanoside. Generally, 70% of cyanoside can be removed after soaking for about 6 days, and then it can be cooked and eaten.

kidney beans

harmful substances: Saponin

cause of disease: if the kidney beans are not cooked, the saponin in the beans will strongly stimulate the digestive tract, and the beans contain coagulant, which has the effect of coagulation. In addition, kidney beans also contain nitrite and trypsin, which can stimulate the body’s intestines and stomach, causing food poisoning and gastroenteritis.

detoxification method: in order to prevent kidney bean poisoning, we must cook the kidney bean thoroughly.

Auricularia auricula

harmful substances: phylline light sensitive substances

cause of disease: fresh Auricularia auricula contains phylline light sensitive substances, after eating fresh Auricularia auricula raw, it can cause solar dermatitis, serious cases of skin itching, edema and pain.

detoxification method: do not eat fresh Auricularia auricula, to eat, must be cooked, cooked thoroughly to eat.

Zizania latifolia

harmful substances: oxalic acid

cause of disease: spinach, bamboo shoots, Zizania latifolia and other vegetables with more oxalic acid, even if you want to be cold, you should first blanch with boiling water to remove most of the oxalic acid contained in vegetables. Oxalic acid will combine with calcium in the intestine to form calcium oxalate which is difficult to be absorbed. It interferes with the absorption of calcium and leads to calcium deficiency in the body.

detoxification method: be sure to blanch with boiling water.


harmful substances: Colchicine

pathogenic cause: fresh daylily has a colchicine component, colchicine is non-toxic, but after absorption by the gastrointestinal tract, it will be oxidized to form a highly toxic colchicine, which can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in dry throat, heartburn, thirst, diarrhea, etc Abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

detoxification method: because colchicine is water-soluble, in the cooking and drying process of fresh day lily, this kind of alkaloid has been destroyed. In addition, when eating day lily dry products, it must be soaked in water. Of course, there is no danger of poisoning.

broad bean

harmful substance: chaocaioside

pathogenic cause: there is chaocaioside in broad bean seeds. After people eat this substance, it can cause acute hemolytic anemia (broad bean yellow disease). When eating green broad bean in spring and summer, if it is not cooked properly, it will often lead to poisoning. And generally in 4 ~ 24 hours after eating raw broad bean disease.

detoxification method: in order to prevent the occurrence of broad bean poisoning, it is best not to eat fresh broad bean, and must be cooked before eating.


harmful substances: nitrate

pathogenic cause: spinach, mustard and other vegetables are easy to accumulate nitrate. Nitrate itself has low toxicity to human body, but it will be transformed into nitrite under the action of microorganisms in human body.

detoxification method: do not eat raw, must be thoroughly cooked before eating. So, you can eat the soup once it’s gone; Instant boiled mutton & quot; It’s not advisable to eat in the same way.

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