These wild vegetables are nutritious and delicious. Have you ever eaten them?

These wild vegetables are nutritious and delicious. Have you ever eaten them?

these wild vegetables are nutritious and delicious.

1, bitter herbs:

, the scientific name of bitter herbs is juacai or chicory. Kucai can clear away heat and dampness, reduce swelling and pus, remove stasis and toxin, cool blood and stop bleeding. The concentrated ethanol extract of Sophora alopecuroides water decoction has inhibitory effect on acute lymphocytic leukaemia and acute and chronic myeloid leukemia. The dried bitter vegetables are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and other elements.

2, mother-in-law:

mother-in-law is also called dandelion. Its pollen contains vitamins and linoleic acid, while its branches and leaves contain choline, amino acids and trace elements. Its main functions are clearing away heat and toxin, detumescence and diuresis. It has a broad spectrum of antibacterial effect, but also stimulate the body’s immune function, to achieve cholagogic and hepatoprotective effect.

3, Platycodon grandiflorum:

Platycodon grandiflorum, also known as Ming yecai, monk hat, is what the Korean people call doraki. Platycodon grandiflorum has expectorant antitussive, analgesic, antipyretic, sedative, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, anti ulcer, anti-tumor and antibacterial effects.

4, pteridophyte:

, also known as pteridophyte, dragon head dish. Pteridium aquilinum can play the role of clearing heat and smoothing intestines, reducing Qi and resolving phlegm, diuresis and calming nerves. 22 333 000 1 14 44 5555, shepherd’s purse: 66 677 22 333 000 11 shepherd’s purse flowering period in April to June, the field, people often see scattered White Shepherd’s purse flowers. Its main therapeutic effects are cooling blood and stopping bleeding, tonifying deficiency and invigorating spleen, clearing heat and promoting diuresis.

6, water celery:

water celery is also called water celery, river celery. Water celery has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, moistening lung, strengthening spleen and stomach, eliminating food and stagnation, diuresis, hemostasis, lowering blood pressure, anti hepatitis, anti arrhythmia and antibacterial.

7, amaranth:

, amaranth has the function of clearing heat, diuresis, detoxification, nourishing yin and moistening dryness.

8, spiny bud:

spiny bud, also known as spiny dragon bud, mainly grows in shrubs and forest hollow. It has the functions of Invigorating Qi, activating blood circulation, dispelling wind, removing dampness, relieving pain, tonifying kidney and essence.

9, Portulaca oleracea:

Portulaca oleracea, also known as purslane, longevity. It contains protein, fat, lysine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and other nutrients. Its medicinal function is to clear away heat and toxin, cool blood and stop bleeding. Because it is rich in norepinephrine, it can promote insulin secretion in the pancreas gland, regulate glucose metabolism process, reduce blood sugar concentration and keep blood sugar constant, so it has certain therapeutic effect on diabetes. In addition, it also contains an unsaturated fatty acid, which can inhibit the formation of cholesterol and triglycerides, and has a protective effect on cardiovascular system.

10, Xiaogen garlic:

Xiaogen garlic is also known as Xiebai, Xiaogen vegetable. Its function is to dredge Yang and remove Qi, open chest and disperse nodules, promote qi conduction, treat dysentery, inhibit the rise of lipid peroxide in blood of patients with hyperlipidemia, and prevent atherosclerosis.

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