modern people have more and more uses for all kinds of chemical components in modern life. It can be said that modern society should be regarded as an industrialized society. Therefore, for modern people, when using all kinds of chemical components, they must know the relevant common sense before they can use them better, Thiobetaine is often used in aquatic feed.

thiobetaine is widely used in aquatic feed, and for modern people, when using thiobetaine, the most important thing is to understand its related common sense and use method, in order to avoid unnecessary problems in the process of daily aquatic feeding, and let thiobetaine play a greater role. The mechanism of action of

thiobetaine (DMT) is similar to that of dimethyl- β- Thiobetaine propionate (DMPT):

3.1 food attraction

thiobetaine (DMT) can receive the stimulation of low concentration chemicals in water through the olfactory of aquatic animals, can distinguish chemicals and is extremely sensitive. The folds in its olfactory area can increase its contact area with the external water environment, so as to improve the olfactory sensitivity. Therefore, fish, shrimps and crabs have a strong physiological mechanism to attract the special smell of DMT. DMT follows the unique habit of aquatic animals, so as to improve the feeding frequency of aquatic animals. As a food attractant and growth promoting agent for aquatic animals, it can significantly promote the feeding behavior and growth of a variety of marine and freshwater fishes, shrimps and crabs. The results showed that the number of times of aquatic animals biting bait was increased, and the stimulating effect of feeding was several times of that of glutamine.

3.2 efficient methyl donor, growth promoting

thiobetaine (DMT) molecule (CH3) 2S group, with methyl donor function, effectively used by aquatic animals, promote the secretion of digestive enzymes in animals, promote the digestion of fish and the absorption of nutrients, improve feed utilization.

3.3 improve the ability of anti stress and anti osmotic pressure

improve the exercise ability and anti stress effect of aquatic animals (high temperature and hypoxia tolerance), improve the adaptability and survival rate of young fish, and can be used as osmotic buffer in vivo to improve the tolerance of aquatic animals to osmotic pressure shock.

3.4 has the similar effect of ecdysin, and

has stronger activity of ecdysin like, which can increase the speed of shelling of shrimp and crab, especially in the middle and late stage of shrimp and crab culture.

3.5 has liver protection function.

thiobetaine (DMT) has liver protection function. It can not only improve the health status of animals, reduce the viscera / body weight ratio and improve the edible ability of aquatic animals.

therefore, people engaged in aquaculture feeding must understand the common sense of thiobetaine. The purpose of doing so is to better use this product to feed aquatic products, and let it have a high yield, which can naturally create more economic benefits. Therefore, we must pay attention to the use method and dosage of thiobetaine, To avoid unnecessary problems.

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